Don’t Hurt Yourself! Especially with this Real Estate Proposal!

By Ron Duncan

Things you, the homeowner, should NEVER DO:

  1. Hit your thumb with a hammer! It HURTS YOU. So don’t do it!
  2. Sue yourself. The lawyer gets rich! It HURTS YOU. So don’t do it!!
  3. Negotiate with yourself. No one wins! It HURTS YOU. So don’t do it!!!

So we, the homeowners, have this “deal” in front of us, the homeowners, and, guess what? We, the homeowners, negotiated with ourselves, the homeowners!

The Table

… and the “DEAL” that WE, the homeowners, dealt with us, the homeowners – DO NOTE: All of the “negotiators” are ACHOA members – contains the following points:

  1. WE, the homeowners, pay $3.3 MILLION for 475 unimproved acres leaving ‘The PRIVATE Club’ to the FOA on 50 acres.
  2. We, the homeowners, pay for FIRE Mitigation on the 475 acres that FOA/ArrowCreek owners have done NOTHING about.
  3. We, the homeowners, pay for cart path replacement, bridges, viaducts/tunnels, restrooms, major irrigation with an effluent, water supply and sewer line replacement on our, the homeowners, 475 acres.
  4. We, the homeowners, pay to keep any FOA-designated unused portion of the golf course “dormant” for one year – The current Letter Of Intent states the FOA will bill the ACHOA $160,000/year for every 9 holes in this condition!
  5. We, the homeowners, pay to redefine the parcels that the FOA intends to keep PRIVATE.
  6. We, the homeowners, pay for ANY drainage issues on the 475 unimproved acres and promise to minimize any business impacts to the FOA.
  7. We, the homeowners, will modify our CC&Rs, By-Laws, and ASSESSMENTS to implement the above payments.

Are we, the homeowners, HURTING OURSELVES, the homeowners, with this so-called “deal”??

The Private Club certainly benefits. But do YOU, the homeowner?

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3 Responses to Don’t Hurt Yourself! Especially with this Real Estate Proposal!

  1. Conflict Of Interest says:

    As I have previous reported, Mr Burkett and Mr. Reeder are both long time members of the AC golf club and have close ties to the FOA. I would’t be surprized if they also put up money for the FOA.
    I have been a resident of AC since 2000, so I know how these two operate. I think it would be more appropriate to have them seated at the other table! This is a major CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!!


  2. This is a no brainer says:

    The gang of 36 and Fox must think we are stupid. If we don’t say no, we will prove them right. They win an all issues, we lose. Want to see your home value tank? Approve this one-sided deal.


  3. Bill Edwards says:

    In my humble opinion I think we should NOT approve of this “deal”. We should vote it down and make the FOA come back with something that would encourage us to want to save them. We, the HOA, have the “gold” and he who has the gold calls the shots. Not the way this was done. The FOA needs us. we, the HOA, can wait until they come up with a better contract to save them.When they are desperate enough to want to get out of their situation they will propose something that will be advantageous to the HOA and the Arrow Creek community.


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