Reminder: ACHOA Meeting is Tonight at 5:30

All owners are invited and encouraged to attend board meetings.

Time: 5:30-7:30 PM
Location: The Club at ArrowCreek

A revised tentative timeline for the golf course purchase will be presented during that meeting. The Board will also vote on the managing company contract on November 3rd.Three Board member positions are up for election this December (two pro golf course purchase: Rakusin, Elliot, one against: Krisch) The proposed tentative voting period regarding the Golf Course purchase proposal is to start on December 15th when ballots are to be mailed out following the distribution of background materials on 23 November.

So far, the decisions that brought us to this point have been based on the votes of a few board members and the influence of a few committee members. We have incomplete information about the personal interests of our board members and committee members, although they profess that protecting property values is their only concern without any factual data with regards to the golf property purchase. We have little information as to their qualifications to guide the community through the process of a big real estate transaction like the purchase of the 475 acres of golf property. What we do know is that recommendations by committees have been ignored. Comments by homeowners during board meetings have been ignored.

If you want to change the status quo, want to slow down the accelerated path towards the golf property purchase as proposed by the ACCC, if you want to completely understand the ramifications of buying the golf property and associated changes of our CC&R’s, then take control over your destiny as an AC resident:

Come to the meetings, and vote!

ArrowCreek Resident updated message

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