Reblog: Are There Development Options for the FOA if the Land Is Not Purchased by the ACHOA?

Posted on November 6, 2015 by ArrowCreekTruth

The FOA remains firmly committed to a 36-hole golf course. However, the FOA is currently assessing its future land development options as a fallback in case this measure fails and a 36-hole course does not prove to be viable. The FOA is moving forward to conduct engineering and survey studies to further understand land development options on 9 or 18 holes and the associated required changes to the master plan.

Preliminary analysis suggests that approximately 200 homes can be built on acreage from one of the golf courses.

This would require a land use amendment from the Washoe County Planning Commission.

The timing for approval from the Washoe County Planning Commission is approximately 6-9 months from submission.

A detailed presentation/plan would need to be developed by the FOA prior to submission.

If you vote “No” on the land purchase proposal, there is the potential this community will never look the same. The choice is yours.

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7 Responses to Reblog: Are There Development Options for the FOA if the Land Is Not Purchased by the ACHOA?

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  2. Ronald Duncan says:

    Dear ArrowCreek Truth,
    Are threats the ONLY thing the FOA LLC has left? I thought the ArrowCreek Truth site was set up to present facts, not threats.
    Given the FACTUAL research done by those in opposition to this acquisition suggests the timeline is way off and the ‘political’ capital that is being gathered with meetings at the club and commission offices, will be expended fighting those same no votes.
    To further complicate your alternative use plan, are the discoveries that Mr. Hsu has provided. Is the LLC prepared for an additional 2 year or more public battle? While property values languish at their feet?
    Ron Duncan


  3. Anti-Speed Sign Guy says:

    Arrowcreek Truth should be renamed the FOA is a joke and so is Associa/HOA BOD. Bridge loans and BS is all I’ve seen come from each of these entities. FOA is trying to get rich on the backs of hard working homeowners. Nobody cares about golf except for the 36 of them and their buddies. I can’t wait for them to explain to their members that their “low introductory rates” will have to be raised because we all vote no on the purchase. Their imaginary numbers will dwindle.

    Turn the course into more homes, like Rick said, that will never happen. Well, unless some of the FOA flex their political muscle (like they did for our illegal speed signs that look oh so upscale) and do more back room deals. Even then, their welcome has been worn out and this vote (unless rigged, which it may be) will serve to prove that golf is a dying sport and people who live in Arrowcreek would rather see natural sage brush than golfers. When was the last time the PGA held an official event at Arrowcreek? Oh, they don’t do that here, Hahahahahahaha.

    The threats and misinformation from the FOA, Associa and the HOA BOD are juvenile and funny. Great job screwing up the real estate market guys. Why don’t you just run a successful club, oh wait, you just wanted to get an easy return on your foolish investment.

    If you’re asking why I’ve lumped Associa into this mix, ask yourself this one question. Why are we going with them for another round of contracts when First Service will provide a better bang for the buck at a reduced price and be impartial in this golf deal?


  4. Wayne Krachun says:

    Mr. Edwards, doesn’t seem Mr. Hsu is telling FOA what to do with their property. He seems to be debunking their scare tactic of “if you don’t bail us out of our bad investment by over paying the market value of this land so we can maintain the snobbish appeal of our PRIVATE club, then we may sell to a developer.”


  5. bill edwards says:

    It’s the FOA land. You don’t want the FOA telling you what you can do with your property, why can you tell them what they can do with their property? Back in about 06 or so in Vegas there was a development like ours with homes and golf course, I think it was called Black Stallion development. It was some horse name. anyway, the course wasn’t making money so the developer said he was going to convert the course to home sites. Everyone said it would never happen. Guess what, that course is now home sites.


  6. By Rick Hsu


    The FOA is scaring homeowners into believing that it will sell to a developer who will build more homes if we vote down the golf course purchase. There are daunting obstacles for a developer to build homes on the golf course properties.

    First, Washoe County approved the ArrowCreek subdivision as Development Agreement 9-1-93 (DA9-1-93), which is now an actual County Ordinance (Ordinance No. 963). To build more homes, the developer would need to apply to the County to amend the Development Agreement. DA9-1-93 was approved with a maximum of 1,090 home sites (we now have 1,086), and the golf course land is not zoned for residential use. Therefore, developing the golf course land would require:
    • An increase of density and allowable home sites;
    • A change in the Washoe County Master Plan; and
    • A change in the regulatory zoning.

    Second, Article VII of the CC&Rs burdens the golf course properties by giving the golf course owner membership votes and requiring the owner to pay dues for golf course use of common areas. To build more homes, the developer would need to amend the CC&Rs, which requires a 50%+1 vote of all homeowners. Homeowners have the right to veto any future development of golf course properties requires.

    Conclusion: Voting “No” to the golf course purchase will NOT lead to the development of new homes. There is probably less than a 1% chance of overcoming the obstacles above.

    Rick Hsu


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