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Posted on November 9, 2015 by ArrowCreekTruth

We all, each and every one of us, bought into a golf community when we purchased our homes. That fact was disclosed to us in our purchase documents. Our community was created and soon became, and still can remain, one of the premier places to live in northern Nevada. The community is somewhat removed from the beaten path and offers us an opportunity to live somewhat removed from the hustle and bustle of Reno proper. We all can just walk or bicycle or drive a golf cart to each other’s homes, to the clubhouse for dinner Saturday nights, or around the circle to enjoy the views.

Whatever the developer did to create hard feelings in the past is past. Good-bye forever! We must look to the future to start unifying and healing this community. The Club is reaching out to the residents by offering residents and their guests opportunities without being members of the Club to enjoy Saturday night dinners, community events like the art show this weekend, the HOA Holiday party, and letting the HOA use the club house for HOA meetings. They also offer both social and golf memberships, beautiful wedding sites and party options.

Why can’t we all enjoy these opportunities and enjoy all of ArrowCreek? On Saturday, why drive to another venue for dinner when we have a beautiful dining spot here? We say buy local, so why don’t all of us look at what we have right here and enjoy it? Buying the golf course land gives us all the sense of ownership and control over that asset to provide a sense of unity since we all will be in control of the beautiful area we live in.

Harold and Sherry Albright

ArrowCreek 411 Response:
Nope! We did not ALL buy into a golf community at ArrowCreek. It was/is not an amenity! It was mentioned verbally but it is not in our purchase documents at all. We are original owners. It was an extra $60,000 to join. Not interested. Not needed. We moved here for the security, the view of the valley and the quiet.

Maybe the Albrights bought a house encumbered with a golf membership. Most of the ArrowCreek homes were not sold that way, if any others…

…and the sign offering Saturday night for non-members stopped inviting the non-members at the gate shortly after the club went private. I don’t think Saturday night is open to non-members any more.

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7 Responses to Reblog: Let’s Start Healing

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  2. Ronald Duncan says:

    Hal and Sherry,
    This write up from ArrowCreek Truth mirrors the one by Mr. & Mrs. Heaven, Voices to the Webmaster Page on Dec 31, 2014. that expressed their desire for the community to all get along without rancor. The easiest way for that to happen is for the FOA LLC to withdraw its offer to the ACHOA and operate its business without a subsidy from the community, which it has been doing.

    In addition to the ‘let’s all get along’ theme of the writing, is the comment about ArrowCreek being a golf community. When we signed our paperwork to buy a lot, there was a premium because of the view, and we accepted that. There was an offer to purchase an equity share in the golf club/courses for $60,000 with the added pitch that that investment would be attached to our property, because it was transferrable, and thus, our property would be “more valuable.” It was a soft pitch and given the lot we were buying had no meaning. So, we declined. It isn’t in the CC&Rs, it isn’t in the Bylaws and of course it’s not in the Articles of Incorporation, it’s not anywhere. In point of fact, the Demographic survey conducted by the ACHOA Board, showed that the interest in golf was less than 30%. That certainly doesn’t sound like a golf community, now does it? So it’s unclear why, a site purporting to support truth, has this article/blog.

    Further, as commented on by others in this community, the activities that are held at ‘The Club’ certainly appear to be either paid for by the sponsor or they are club members exercising their privileges. There’s no harm in not revealing that, but it certainly would have leant greater credence to what was written.

    In summary, let the FOA LLC operate the Non-Residential Area that they own and come join your peers for a glass of wine or beer and some non-aggressive talk at the Community Residents Center.
    Ron Duncan

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  3. Wayne Krachun says:

    I’m getting mixed signals from the golf contingent. The Albrights invite the entire community to join them for dinner at The Club, where presumably we can hold hands, sing Kumbaya, and paint balloons. But when I walked my neighborhood, a Ms. Blanke lectured me that if anyone doesn’t like living in a golf community, they should move out. So, are The Clubbers inclusive or exclusive? I would ask this of the ACT website, but it’s monitored for “negative” comments.

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  4. Kerry McKinney says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Albright,
    Would you expect us to purchase the home of a neighbor who could not pay his property taxes? to purchase the home of a neighbor who could not afford to maintain his landscaping, as required by the CC&Rs? Should we purchase and pay for the removal of the derelict vehicle parked in the driveway of a neighbor that could not afford to fix it?
    Our common obligations are spelled out in the CC&Rs, and there is nothing there about these types of purchases.
    There are alternatives, and we regret that the current HOA board has pursued none of them.
    Perhaps a fresh perspective can result from the December board elections.


    • Ellie says:

      The chasm in our community was created by you, the FOA and the HOA board. Please honor the name of your website: arrowcreektruth. Be honest and and say that the current golf course purchase proposal does not give us homeowners any more rights than we already have without having to own the golf course and having to pay millions. Anyone, AC resident or not, can rent the Club House for parties, weddings, or other events. As in the past, the HOA can continue to rent the Club House for the one large annual HOA sponsored event we have in AC: our Christmas party. Golf club members are part of the Art Guild and reserved the Club House for their art show. That opportunity will not go away , and actually is beneficial to the FOA as advertisement. The Residents’ Club was sufficient in the past for many years, and will be sufficient again in the future for HOA board meetings once the golf club issue is resolved. As before, if someone wants more, like having dinner at the club house, they must become members. The alleged goal of bringing the community together by inviting the community to dinner each Saturday went away when the FOA’s business objectives were met in their initial membership drive. Owning and paying for the golf course will change NOTHING in the lives of the majority of homeowners, except for having an empty wallet. If indeed you mean to imply that unless we homeowners buy the golf course those existing opportunities will go away, does that mean you know something we don’t know such as bankruptcy on the horizon?


  5. Dave Steele says:

    I did not buy in ArrowCreek to be part of a golf club community. I specifically told my realtor that I did not want to buy a home adjacent to the golf course, and the views I was after were mountain, city lights and valley in that order. I love the native common area that abuts my property. It provides just the type view I want living here in a semi-rural area of Northern Nevada.

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  6. Margaret Mcconnell says:

    We did NOT buy here, in any stretch of the imagination, to be part of a golf club community. We have lived in several other homes that also were on the golf course and NEVER did anyone insinuate that it was a golf club community.

    ArrowCreek is a lovely community offering spectacular views, wonderful security, excellent schools nearby, beautiful tennis courts and swimming pools. These are the reasons we bought here and love living here; we do not use the golf course and don’t ever intend to do so. Wolf Run is right down the hill and is accepting of our money if we wish to play golf near our home.

    For those of you who want a country club experience, please go for it and enjoy it—like Hidden Valley for example. But, please quit trying to force the majority of AC residents to help pay for the enjoyment of a minority of AC residents. This is just poor business, unfair, unethical and illogical. In addition, it is an insult for you to suggest that if we help support your special interest that we can use the clubhouse to dine once a week. That’s like throwing a bone to a dog! Oh, how generous you golf members are! Thank you,but we like to dine in different venues, not a one set venue every week.

    No, we have no interest in buying that boondoggle you all bought with the promise that we, the innocent and unsuspecting AC residents, would take it off your hands and the initial investors would make a nice profit. Fools we’re not, sorry.

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