A Happy Bedtime Story: The Attempted Fleecing of the Flock


Once upon a time, there was a Flock of approximately 1100 sheep living on a mountainside overlooking a verdant valley. They were happy, enjoyed the scenic vistas, loved the security afforded by a good fence, followed the rules of the Flock and respected their Protector canines.


Unbeknownst to the sheep, a pack of approximately 35 Wolves moved within the the fence-line and began traversing the pasture looking for ravage opportunities. They discovered and took control of some distressed areas within the fencing that a small portion of the Flock would occasionally frequent for fun and entertainment. The area was distressed but the Wolves settled in and took control. They then began to feel restless with their circumstance due to the high Wolf Pack costs of maintaining the areas and their general nature of being hungry Wolves looking for easier opportunities. They went to the Flock Protector canines with an idea to see what could be done to fulfill their avaricious appetites.

The Protector canines saw that they were Wolves, but they weren’t snarling and they hadn’t really ever bothered the Protector canines while controlling the scrubland entertainment area. The Protector canines agreed to discuss the Wolves interests.

The Wolves offered to sell the scrub areas they had established control over to the Protector canines through an extremely high annual Flock ransom that would allow the Wolves to have a high life of leisure. They would of course retain their favorite and most pleasant areas within the fence-line for exclusive use by themselves and any other helpful friends for Howling Parties. Each of the 35 Wolves would have over 31 sheep paying ransoms to support them.

The Protector canines didn’t seem to be too concerned about the gluttonous request because it would only amount to a small fee per month for each of the sheep. Besides that, the Protector canines had begun to enjoy the relationship they had developed with the Wolves.

When the sheep heard of this, they were fearful of their safety and concerned about how they were going to afford a ransom for owning something that they did not use before the Protector canines began discussions with the Wolves. There was a lot of bleating and commotion within the Flock but the Wolves threatened the sheep with unspeakable horrors and terrors: fire, overcrowding, more wolves, shearing and slaughter if they didn’t approve of the arrangement and provide the Wolves with a high life of leisure.

A minority of the Flock thought it would be a good idea to agree to the arrangement because they had struck an accommodation with the Wolves, it would make life easier and they could get on with eating grass and frolicking on the scrub land with their favorite sheep and some Wolf friends. The Flock majority however were upset at the Wolves’ fleecing attempt and decided to get organized, vote against the proposal and then elect a new set of Protector canines that were responsible for protecting the Flock.

After the Flock’s overwhelming turnout and disapproval vote of the Wolves’ proposal/demand, the success of the new Protector canine election and without the proposed gluttonous ransom payment, the Wolves lost interest in the marketing of their scrub land ransom effort. It was just too expensive to maintain the elitist party lifestyle. Their subsequent attempt at a real estate development within their supposedly Wolf controlled area was determined to be a figment of their imagination by the local Game Warden which caused them to be motivated to move on to other rapacious Wolf endeavors.

The Flock retook possession of all of the scrub land and the favorite Wolf places at the Flock determined price because no one else had an interest in accepting costs that were unfunded by the Flock.

They lived happily ever after!

Jim Verhey
Kachina Court

“Liberty for Wolves is Death to the Lambs.”

I. Berlin


“Democracy must be something more than
two Wolves and a Sheep
voting on what to have for dinner”

J. Broward

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7 Responses to A Happy Bedtime Story: The Attempted Fleecing of the Flock

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  2. Jim says:

    Beware – As to quote Ken Blanchard – American Author and Management Expert:

    “Too many leaders act as if the sheep… their people… are there for the benefit of the shepherd, not that the shepherd has responsibility for the sheep”.


  3. Lisa says:

    Nice Fairy Tale. Too bad it’s just that.


  4. Malcolm says:

    We have a poet amongst us! Nice job! However:
    Two voices are there; one is of the deep; and one is is of an old half witted sheep;
    Which bleats articulate monotony.
    James Kenneth Stephen, 1859-1892


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