Reblog: The D’Andrea Story

Posted on November 10, 2015 by ArrowCreekTruth

D’Andrea Clubhouse Fire, 2015

D’Andrea Clubhouse Fire, 2015

First, we would like to express our deepest sympathy to the residents of D’Andrea for the loss of the D’Andrea golf course clubhouse, which although empty, was a lovely, potentially useful building and which is now a burned-out waste. Ironically, this awful fire happened just as the ArrowCreek Truth team was tracking down the real D’Andrea story vs. the rumors.

We spoke with Rick Gardner, the D’Andrea Community Association manager. Their situation was very different from ours. Their golf course owner was badly in debt and asked the homeowners to approve a $28/month increase in their dues to subsidize the golf course. The vote failed, as you all know, and the results are visible. But their vote was very different from the ArrowCreek vote in that the homeowners were offered little in exchange for the extra $28/month. They were not given ownership of the land.

There are plans to build a 72-unit subdivision, but that tentative map has expired. It will cost millions to reseed the land and turn it into a golf course again. Other uses for the land have been considered, but there are no approved projects underway. Changing the use of the land is fraught with many hurdles. When any application for a change of use for the golf course property is presented to the city, the city is required to notify the HOA and all homeowners for a discussion about the changes. The homeowners then have a right to vote yes or no.

If you have heard that D’Andrea homeowners are being assessed $8,000 for fire mitigation or weed control, that is strictly a rumor. No such assessment is underway.

What is your vision for the future of ArrowCreek? FOA or County control of the land? Dead, dry grass? Years of red tape and hurdles before the land generates revenue for its maintenance? This is the “No” vision. If you don’t like it, please vote “Yes.”

Approved by Rick Gardner, Community Manager for the D’Andrea Community Association.

D'Andrea in June 2015

D’Andrea in June 2015

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3 Responses to Reblog: The D’Andrea Story

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  2. Kerry McKinney says:

    With respect, I fail to see why we are always presented with a golf course or catastrophe scenario. Either buy the golf course or suffer development. Buy the golf course or be left with dead grass and fire abatement fees. Surely there are other scenarios that we can consider.


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