Reminder: Meet the Candidates, Read Their Statements

Tuesday November 17, 2015 5:30 PM-7:30 PM
Location: ACHOA – Residents’ Club

Come meet your neighbors who are running for the board.  Hope to see you there!

The candidates running for the 3 open positions are:

Paul Burkett
Bob Kirtley
Robert McDonald
John McGhee has withdrawn his name
Robin Rakusin
David Steele
Mark Toomey

Read the 2015 Candidate Nomination Statements here.

For the 2015 ACHOA Candidates Page click here. It is also at the top right-hand corner of the black menu bar that is across all the ArrowCreek411 pages.

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2 Responses to Reminder: Meet the Candidates, Read Their Statements

  1. AC Resident says:

    Ms. Rakusin is a Stanford Univ. graduate and she doesn’t understand she represents all of us AC Residents. How disingenuous is that! It is obvious that her loyalty is with her fellow AC Golf Members.

    Two other members Burkett and Toomey are also running for the HOA Board. Both were golf club equity members. Both were litigants against the AC Developer who still had control of the golf club.
    They and other fellow litigants caused this fiasco. Because they forced the golf club to be private, the club would lose $1,000,000 per year!



  2. Wayne says:

    So at last night’s Meet the Candidates I reminded Ms. Rakusin that at the Oct 6 Board meeting she stated that she was a volunteer and didn’t report to shareholders. And asked, “if you don’t believe that we HOA members are your shareholders, then please explain to the audience to whom are you accountable?”
    Her reply: I don’t understand your question.
    And that response, folks is indicative of our problem. Certain Board and committee members don’t seem to understand that they are duty bound to represent the interests of the HOA. Not special interest groups; the 1086 lot owners.
    Volunteerism is a wonderful trait; a cornerstone of our great country. But, please, don’t use that as an excuse to for lack of competence, commitment, or duty.


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