Validation of Facts

By Ellie (original message here)

Gretchen, thank you for validating the points made by many on this website. You said it yourself: the club lost more money than it gained when it was open to the entire golfing population in our area.

You want homeowners to invest in an enterprise expecting to “wait many years and get paid back as the club makes money”. We all know that the golf club has never been self-sustaining or profitable. “Many, many” more people did NOT move here because of the golf: as a matter of fact over 70% enjoy living in Arrowcreek for reasons other than golf (per UNR demographic study and results .

As far as fear mongering: please stop threatening with development of the land if the HOA does not buy the golf courses: there is less than 1% chance of that. See Debunking the Myth of Developing New Homes. Please stop threatening with the golf course going brown: the FOA can help prevent that by increasing the current golfing fees to current market rates. The FOA can downsize and keep the land dormant. Instead, the FOA promises a minimal 10% increase of rates for current members for the next year, while asking the majority of homeowners to subsidize cheap golfing by purchasing 475 acres of land that cannot be enjoyed by non- golfers.

You enjoy the wonderful people you met at the club: homeowners will be kept out of the Club House even if they purchase the golf courses.

Please stop threatening with declining home values: the value of proximity to a golf course or any open land declines beyond 100 feet. And if the FOA were really considering development of the land or letting it go brown: that would contradict the FOA’s professed premise that anything other than a golf course will diminish home values, including and mostly their own.

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1 Response to Validation of Facts

  1. Bob Kirtley says:

    In September, the FOA gave a cost for keeping 9 holes dormant. They stated the cost was $160,000. That makes the cost for the course $720,000 per year or about $1500 an acre per year. What is now ArrowCreek started as a purchase from the Redfield Trust of roughly 3272 acres. The Developer deeded 1200-1500 acres to Washoe County as the existing natural buffer surrounding ArrowCreek. I don’t see Washoe County spending $1500 per acre ($1,800,000 to $2,250,000) to maintain the existing vegetation in the buffer around ArrowCreek in a “brown” state.


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