Here Comes the Truth!



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2 Responses to Here Comes the Truth!

  1. Dale Nuszloch says:

    I realize I have no influence to changing opinions however I feel we must keep this community as it was originally; that is a golf course community. I pay to support pools and tennis courts I do not use with no complaint. $31 a month to keep the golf land under HOA control is a good deal. I will be here until I die or my kids put me in the home. I want to enjoy the years I have left and that includes golf.


    • Ronald Duncan says:

      Every opinion matters. However, the fact is this was not and is not a ‘Golf Community,’ no matter how often it’s said.
      The Governing documents that we all signed when we bought into ArrowCreek specifically say the “Golf course is adjacent to ArrowCreek,” and IF $28, for 15 years, (remember $3/month is for property taxes) was the sum total of what our community would have to pay for 475 acres, while someone else earns a living off of it, that might be a deal. However, those supporting this ‘deal’ appear to ignore the maintenance burden being put on ALL property owners, whether in The Club or not. What am I talking about? Let’s see; there’s the bridges and viaducts (no inspection as to how much longer they’ll last without significant repair); there’s the water lines greater than 2 inches; there’s the restrooms and oh yes, there’s the stated condition that all 475 acres are No Trespassing for the owners.
      Is this a ‘good deal,’ or what? Oh, by the way, the current owners are claiming ALL of their expenses went into improving and maintaining the 475 acres, so the property owners owe them $3.4 Million to purchase said property. It’s impossible to spend that kind of money on 475 acres of desert sage and green grass. Someone didn’t negotiate a ‘fair’ deal.
      Continue to play golf, as it is wished, for all your remaining days. We certainly agree that ArrowCreek should remain as it was created, with perhaps some enhancements for the entire community.
      Ron Duncan


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