ArrowCreek Communications Committee Meeting 12/03/15 5:45 PM


There’s a Communications Committee Meeting tomorrow, Thursday, December 3, at 5:45 at the Residents’ Club. The topics of the meeting are: Sharing the different sub-committees’ work to date, discussion and defining the next steps. Specific topics include Ballot preparation, Informational Packet preparation and Conduct of Informational meetings.

We, the public, are allowed to attend & ask questions, but not participate in decision making. I invite you to attend, to experience firsthand, how this group conducts itself. A committee that is supposed to be objective, informative and represent the best interest of all 1,086 lots is comprised of FOA investors (we know their agenda: sell us grass), people who want to preserve the private Club lifestyle, and a few objective, concerned neighbors.

Arguably, the biggest failure of this august group has been its obviously slanted “infomercials” to justify our purchase of grass. You’ve seen the latest flyer from ArrowCreek Truth (I love their name). Vote YES to:

  • Protect our Property Values
  • Preserve our Fire Prevention zones
  • Maintain our community’s Quality of Life

Please consider this: there is absolutely no compelling reason to buy 475 acres of grass from FOA. Our property values, fire protection zones and quality of life are already protected. The not so veiled threat from FOA is, “if you don’t buy the land from us, your property values will plummet; fire will break out on the grass that The Club will allow to go brown; and our quality of life is kaput!” Some friends of ArrowCreek are these people, huh?

In any of its “infomercials” has the Communication Committee presented that option to us? To do nothing? To let The Club try to succeed on its own? No, it has not. So, if you want to express your concerns & disgust to this committee, tomorrow is your opportunity.


Wayne Krachun

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3 Responses to ArrowCreek Communications Committee Meeting 12/03/15 5:45 PM

  1. Ken Kreider says:

    Mr. Duncan,

    Let me assure you I am and have been a member of the Arrowcreek Country Club although that membership does not entitle me to any “confidential” information. Not sure why you should doubt my honesty. I am a resident for over 4 years. And I am knowledgeable that the CC is open and announced to ALL members of the community, including me. Check my post. I just complained of the tone on the previous email.


  2. Ken Kreider says:

    Wow. The tone of this post is just enough to cause me NOT to attend. I am a resident, a member of ACCC, support the purchase, and also one of the neighbors that you visited on the community walk through. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy the party Friday.


    • Ron Duncan says:

      Mr. Kreider,

      I respect your perspective. However, I do not find you listed on the ACHOA web site as being a member of the ACCC with its special access to ‘confidential’ information.

      The meeting of the Communications Committee is open and announced for ALL members of the community to attend and participate.

      Sorry you can’t make it.
      Ron Duncan


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