Repost: Moving Forward Together

shake handsArrowCreek411 shares this concept of the spirit of moving forward together as good neighbors as…
Posted on December 16, 2015, for December 17, 2015, by ArrowCreekTruth …by ignoring comments made about ArrowCreek411 during and after today’s Special ACHOA BOD Meeting…

Greetings to the 2016 ACHOA Board of Directors, and congratulations to the three new Directors. The community heard your voices and you now have an opportunity to make a contribution to the continuing success of our community. Our HOA was always been extremely well-run, well-maintained, with a well-funded reserve, making our community one of the premier communities in northern Nevada. We have no doubt this tradition will continue under your guidance.

Together, the HOA and FOA have opted not to continue to pursue the sale/acquisition of the golf course land. We’re moving forward, which is always a good thing. We, the members of ArrowCreek Truth, look forward to working together to preserve the beauty, integrity, and prestige of our community, and the value of our homes. Regardless of our differences of opinion or our choices of activities to pursue in our free time, let’s be good neighbors.

Please don’t hesitate to forward this post to others, to share in the spirit of the season, and the spirit of moving forward together.

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