Water: No Big Time Development Any Time Soon!

From today’s Reno Gazette Journal/USA Today, Sunday, December 2, 2015
by Jeff Delong


Planned is a $27.6 million effort to expand use of surface water to the area and in doing so, ease up on that overburdened groundwater resource. TMWA immediately initiated the process last winter, sending some 3,000 acre-feet of surface water to the Galena area – supplies that allowed it to shut down 15 wells that otherwise would have been pumping from the ground to meet demand.

A $2.8 million project to pipe treated Truckee River surface water up to the area above Zolezzi Lane is now under construction as the utility moves to expand the process.

Other plans are longer term and more expensive. One is the construction of an $8.2 million plant to treat surface water drawn from Thomas and Whites creeks in the upper Galena area. Another $11.6 million will be spent to purchase water rights from those creeks. Money for those projects will be raised through connection fees charged to new development, with no impact on rates paid by existing water customers, Foree said.

Entire Article:
Groundwater Sinking In Galena
Groundwater Sinking In Galena p2

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2 Responses to Water: No Big Time Development Any Time Soon!

  1. Ben Collins says:

    Both Websites, “411” and “ACT” have a moral responsibility to adhere to “media ethics”. One of those responsibilities is accurate headline writing. Your post on Sunday, December 20, 2015, entitled “Water: No Big Time Development Any Time Soon!”, is inaccurate. No place in the RGJ article you refer to is there any reference to “Big Time Development” being thwarted by water problems. — This 411 post is not only inaccurate but appears to be intentionally misleading. What agenda is 411 attempting to convey to its readers?

    Ben Collins
    Bob Smith


    • Ron Duncan says:

      Ben and Bob,

      It’s good to see you’re back. However, the charge levied seems to be misplaced. The article clearly states how the connection charges to this water resource will be ‘replenished’ within the coffers of the water district. Furthermore, the conclusion of the article also clearly states that there really isn’t room for ‘big time’ development in the Galena area.

      ArrowCreek411 was established to provide information of interest to the ArrowCreek community and to allow for discourse of the information. The agenda of 411 is exactly that, as you’ll see by scrolling down the right side of the opening page. Some topics gather more interest than others but water and water use continues to be an area of concern to the ArrowCreek community. Further development, beyond 1086 lots will definitely be challenged.
      Ron Duncan


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