A Notice from the ArrowCreek HOA about Snow Removal

Sent/Received 12/31/15 via email

Dear ACHOA Members:

The winter weather is upon us and significant temperature changes are impacting all of the roads in our community. Melting during the day and freezing at night which means we need to be extra careful when driving our roads. The ACHOA Facilities and Security staff are committed to your safety when driving our roads during snow storms. There is a very aggressive snow removal plan in place for the ACHOA and it is updated and reviewed by staff every year.

During the recent Christmas Eve storm, the ACHOA Facilities staff and Security staff were very busy coordinating snow removal activities for walking paths and the almost 29 miles of roads with the ACHOA’s vendor Q&D. ACHOA facilities staff worked all day on Christmas day eve removing snow. Q&D started snow removal at 7:50 am and finished around midnight on December 24, 2015. Q&D came back on the job at noon on Christmas Day and they were on the property doing snow removal and sanding roads until 9:00pm.

There were several incidents during the recent storms where ACHOA members slid off the road. The common reported element for all those that went off the road was too much speed. In fact, the individual that ran over one of the ACHOA benches admitted to driving too fast and looking at her cell phone as she was trying to find an ACHOA resident’s address. It has been a while since we have received this much snow and the roads can and will develop ice as thawing and freezing takes place. Follow the speed limit and drive with care.

The ACHOA Facilities and Security staff along with Q&D provided timely and excellent service concerning our first significant snow event of the year. Lessons are always learned from these events, the snow removal staff is always committed to improving their service to the ACHOA community.

Please remember to contact Security @ 775-850-4450 24/7 if you ever have a question during a snow event since the Security office is the snow removal headquarters and are in direct contact with snow removal crews.



For questions regarding the ArrowCreek HOA or the information in this email, please contact Associa Sierra North at acservice@associasn.com or by phone at 775-626-7333. Thank you.

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