ArrowCreek411 Changes for 2016

ArrowCreek411 is celebrating the new year 2016 by tweaking the look of the website a bit based on reader feedback.

The Recent Comments have been moved up the right-hand column to just under Blog Statistics. The Top Posts and Pages have been moved to be just underneath the Recent Comments. Then the Search Box is moved to be under the Top Posts and Pages. Next is the Contact Information. All the Links are still there on the right – they are just further down the page.

*** For viewers using their phones, the site “conveniently” changes format to fit the phone screen – which means the right-hand column is not visible! To see the right-hand column on your phone, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “View Full Site” – voila! You now see the right column of the website! Then use your fingers to enlarge the font type and swipe to get to the right side column. ***

The Menu across the top of the pages no longer contains the board candidates’ links. The Related Articles link and page have been renamed to Related Articles and Reports.

Soon you may see a new format, as well, that will hopefully improve accessibility to the various areas of the website. The font has already been changed for readability. Again, this is based on user feedback.

ArrowCreek411 is not going away.

Happy New Year!

The ArrowCreek411 Webmaster

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