All owners are invited and encouraged to attend board meetings.

Tuesday February 16, 2016
6:00 PM-8:00 PM **** NOTE LATER TIME ****

Location: ACHOA Resident’s Club

This is the first official 2016 board meeting of the new ACHOA Board. In addition to setting goals and directions, committee appointments will be an action item on this agenda. If you are interested in serving on one of the many committees, please let the HOA know. All the committee charters, members, and the Committee Interest Form are posted on the website. Please note, you must login to view the Charters.

Link to Committees and Charters on ACHOA Website You need a site login to get there.

02-16-16 Board Agenda

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3 Responses to ACHOA Board Meeting – NEW LATER TIME!

  1. Ron Duncan says:

    ACHOA Board and Management Co,

    The agenda posted for the subject meeting is absolutely the most vague and inadequate posting I’ve seen in a number of years. Was your objective to suppress owner comments and suggestions? If it was you’ve certainly achieved that objective. Item 8 (b) states “Discuss New Committees and Charters.” What ‘New Committees?’ What are their proposed charters? Enquiring minds would like to know in order to offer constructive comments and suggestions. Also, in that same item is “Discuss modification of existing committees and charters.” What modifications are being considered? Again the community has a right to know prior to the subject meeting in order to offer constructive commentary.
    Lastly, you’ve asked for volunteers for these committees at the bottom of the agenda. It’s very difficult to get volunteers to sign up for a blank job description. Skills need to match the available opportunities and without some insight into what the Board has ‘planned,’ that likely will yield minimal results.
    PLEASE, provide the necessary information prior to the meeting on 16 February.
    Thank you,
    Ron Duncan


    • Ron Duncan says:

      Sent: Friday, January 29, 2016 5:38 PM
      Subject: RE: Additional Observations Re: Woefully INADEQUATE Agenda for ACHOA Board Meeting on 16 February
      Dear Mr. Duncan,
      The ACHOA board wanted to provide additional information about the agenda process.
      The Board’s Agenda is supposed to be a summary of the Board business to be discussed by the Board Members at an upcoming meeting. The Agenda is not a detailed recitation of all the HOA business activities.
      By statute, anything in draft form that has not been yet been approved by the Board is a confidential working paper and not available for HOA member public information.
      Please note that it is the Board’s responsibility to create its committees and its committee charters. Though assistance may be requested through a committee, any final decision on these matters is at the sole discretion of the board. It is the board’s function to act on behalf of the community in their best judgment.
      The HOA structure is set up by the governing documents and by state statute. The board is tasked to make all the decisions for the Association except for the election of the board members, or the changing of governing documents, which are voted upon by the members. Once documents are approved by the board, they are then made available to the members.
      The Board hopes the above helps to clarify the process. Thank you for your comments.
      Jeanne Tarantino, PCAM, AMS, CMCA
      Nevada Certified Supervising Community Manager
      Sr. Vice President
      Associa Sierra North


      • Ron Duncan says:

        Jeanne [Tarantino],
        Thank you for the ACHOA Board’s, and your response, to the subject message. From a strictly ‘management perspective’ it is understood. However, ArrowCreek is a Homeowner’s Association and the summary of ‘business to be discussed’ does not provide the homeowner’s/property owner’s any insight into what the direction of the ACHOA Board. There would appear to be two ways of providing the necessary, almost mandatory, insight to those governed by the ACHOA.
        First, the ACHOA Board could provide the ‘Draft’ material, along with the agenda, so owners could be informed of pending actions. No, there isn’t any legal requirement to do this but it would foster greater community trust and allow for informed property owners/Homeowners to provide meaningful comments to the Board prior to any Board action.
        A second approach for resolving this shadowy agenda discussion, would be for the ACHOA Board to follow the lead of ALL other governing bodies within Washoe County and go to a ‘double reading’ of the proposed action. At the first ‘introduction’ the article is read and discussed before the public but NO action is taken. At the Second reading, community inputs are again accepted with the item either being modified, based on public comment, or merely acted upon and approved/disapproved. Yes, one of the ‘impacts’ of this approach would be more frequent Board meetings but that is the price we would have to pay to get more transparency.
        Both of these approaches would appear to work for the ArrowCreek Homeowners’ Association and resolve the cryptic nature of the posted agendas. We’re all trying to improve where we live and the environment we live in as I look forward to further discussion.
        Ron Duncan 🙂


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