90 Percent of Students at Hunsberger Elementary School Carry A Public Library Card

Local elementary school principal promised she’d kiss a pig if students registered.

Tyler Grubbs in Scene on Feb 22, 2016

On Friday, Feb. 19, Hunsberger Elementary School principal Molly Lauf sat in front of her students and kissed a pig. Why, you may ask?

mrslaufHunsberger is an elementary school in Reno, Nev., that is participating in the Public Library Card Carrying campaign. Now, if you are an avid reader such as myself, you know that the public library is a very happy place filled with more books than you could wrap your head around. It was a smaller, local Disney Land for bibliophiles (lovers of books, in case you don’t know). Lauf made a proposal to her students: If 90 percent of the school registered for a library card, she would kiss a pig.

pigWhen I heard about this project, I was hopeful that young kids would take part and actually start reading again. I was also nervous that it wouldn’t work because I don’t know very many young children who read voluntarily anymore. On Friday, I got the most exciting news ever when my mom, a Hunsberger employee, texted me this photo:

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. At least 90 percent of the students at Hunsberger Elementary School have registered for a public library card.

This news is increasingly exciting because the school is part of Striving Readers, which is a grant promoting literacy in schools. Part of this grant is also used for community outreach.

Knowing that a school so close to home for me is encouraging its students to read, and giving them the means to do so, is amazing, because if I didn’t have books growing up, I wouldn’t have anything. If it takes promising to kiss a pig to get kids to read, sign me up, and bring me to an elementary school.

I love the fact that there is now a substantial population of Reno students who have access to hundreds of books they can’t find at school, as well as a school administration team who is pushing them to read outside of the classroom. Now, maybe I’m just a nerd, but reading is a fun thing to do, and it’s a hobby that definitely stemmed at a young age. This school is growing a generation of readers who may go on to become a generation of writers — or at least a generation with the most creative of minds.

The only thing more beautiful than that is this picture of Principal Lauf and Penny:

If you’re interested in getting your own library card, or if you want to share the library experience with your family, Tuesday night is Family Night at any Washoe County library. Go in and find your next favorite book!

Tyler Grubbs tylergrubbs

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