Spend! SpeND! SPEND!

“Spend, SpeND, SPEND!!!”

That appears to be the motto of ACT, you know that club member and FOA sponsored web site. They are now touting their four sponsored candidates with the ‘scheme’ to use lawyers to solve OUR (that’s right, yours and my) water rights. Those rights were granted to the developers of ArrowCreek and IMBEDDED in our CC&Rs. We’ve all signed for them and the CC&Rs, along with the Water Agreement, as part and parcel of our ACHOA Governing Documents. This ‘fact’ does NOT need to have wasted legal dollars spent on it.

Instead, we need ACHOA representatives to sit down with the Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) and review the TMWA audit results. The agreement we’ve signed up to, via our signatures on the CC&Rs, states that each “Lot owner (1086) gets 0.7371 acre feet (a.f.) (240,220 gallons) per year.” (The agreement is attached) Currently, the agreement does not have potable water allocated to either The Club at ArrowCreek or The Residents Club.

This issue is one for engineers/data analysts to review with TMWA, not jump to the lawyer inspired ‘go to court’ mentality. This is a very serious issue for all of us, so if you haven’t voted in the ACHOA Election yet, I urge you to vote for Duncan, Sheppard and Mejia to prevent unnecessary spending on legal fees.

Ron Duncan

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