2016 ACHOA BOD Election Results Announced at Annual Meeting

Election ballots for the ACHOA Board election were counted earlier today. The results have just been announced at the ACHOA BOD Annual Meeting.

The 4 new board members are: Joyce Seelen, Robin Rakusin, Alan Liebman, John Krisch.

Congratulations to the new board members!

The candidates and number of votes received are as follows:

Joyce Seelen 284
Robin Rakusin 276
Roger Sheppard 226
Ron Duncan 230
Carlos Mejia Jr 249
Alan Liebman 345
John Krisch 296

(Listed in the order of submitted applications)
(No photo available for Alan Liebman)

Joyce Seelen

Joyce Seelen

Robin Rakusin

Robin Rakusin

John Krisch

John Krisch

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2 Responses to 2016 ACHOA BOD Election Results Announced at Annual Meeting

  1. Malcolm Heaven says:

    Thanks to all who put themselves foreward to serve on the board, and to Board Members leaving. The vote is over, congratulations to the persons elected. Unlike the post US elections hopefully there won’t be hoards demonstrating on Arrowcreek Parkway against losing (please – it’s a joke! Just my sense of humor!) May the Board be successful in promoting a sound, efficient and superbly friendly Arrocreek!


  2. djt says:

    So much for draining the Arrowcreek swamp. Best wished to the new (same old) board.


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