3rd Annual Free Market Classic – Play Golf and Come to Dinner Saturday, Oct 28

The Hayek Group Logo

Dear Nevada Businesses and Neighbors,

Because of our community’s generosity, The Hayek Group, a Reno Based 501(c)(3) economic educational organization is helping to make a difference in our Northern Nevada High School Community. Launched as a goal in Fall 2015, it is now a reality. Seventeen High Schools lead the way as early adopters of the comprehensive semester long program. More than 1,500 students per year are learning important life skills. This year we are receiving even a greater response with four schools already significantly increasing their enrollments.

Nevada’s Reality is the result of solvable issues:

• Nevada ranks 49th for Financial Literacy; 50th for people spending more than they make; 49th for people borrowing from payday loan stores, car title places and pawnshops rather than banks; and 48th for people paying only the minimum on their credit cards.

• Young people are facing tremendous financial challenges. We as a community can provide them with the knowledge needed to thrive in today’s economy.

Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance is the premier curriculum for teaching financial literacy. The curriculum is easy to use and completely turnkey. The Four-Unit, Twelve-Chapter curriculum is taught on DVD by a nationally known team of experts. This is a semester-long course that meets all state and national standards for personal finance/financial literacy. It has more than 100 activities that focus on providing 21st century personal finance knowledge and skills in a student-centered, competency-based approach to learning.

The Hayek Group is committed to the goal of delivering this solution to all of Northern Nevada’s Students. Next year the goal is to deliver the package to six new schools. The potential is that 2,400 students in the next two-year cycle will have a life changing experience. There are many ways you can help.

Come to Dinner to Learn More or Play Golf

The 3rd Annual Free Market Classic at the Club at ArrowCreek, and Benefit Dinner is Saturday October 28, 2017. All proceeds will directly benefit the Hayek Education Initiative. As a special incentive, “The Club at ArrowCreek” will continue their commitment and join other generous Northern Nevada Families and Businesses as an Educational Ambassador, when 50 of its current members sign up for this event.

“Some Play the Game; Others Change the Way the Game is played”. Join with The Hayek Group in changing how the game is being played in our community.

Please go now to https://thehayekgroup.wildapricot.org/page-18045

This is local and as grassroots as it gets,

Tim Duvall, President
The Hayek Group, promoting freedom and prosperity for Nevadans through education.

The Hayek Group, a Reno Based 501(c)(3) Economic Educational organization is posed to make a difference in lives of our Northern Nevada High School Community. This is not some large organization with a multitude of paid fundraisers asking you to help make a difference 3000 miles away. This is local and as grassroots as it gets.

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