Attention Supporters of the Arrowcreek Middle School

By Jessica O’Grady Patterson

Attention parents of 4th graders or younger, or anyone who supports the building of the Arrowcreek Middle School:

The meeting to solicit community opinion on the transfer of land from the USDA to the WCSD was held tonight. If you think this project is not being met with opposition, you are wrong. Many members of the surrounding neighborhood showed up to voice their opinions.

The USDA needs to hear support from parents. They have currently only heard from people who oppose the location of the school.

Please take time to write David Drake at before 10/20/17 to share your support for the Middle school.

This approval keeps the timeline on track for a 2020 or 2021 opening for 6th, 7th and 8th grades.

Please overwhelm Mr. Drake with your email support!

See Arrowcreek Middle School Town Hall Meeting on Wed, Oct 11, 2017 for location map.
Go to and for more information.

This affects kids at Hunsberger, Lenz, Huffaker, and possibly Pleasant Valley or Brown depending on how the district redraws the zoning lines. Here is a current map of the middle school districts… look how much area Pine and Depaoli cover compared to the others!

Click to access MS%20Zoning%20Map%20-%20Large.pdf

Mark Venner wrote a change org petition. Please sign / share / suggest an edit. It will automatically update Mr Drake with the number of signatures garnered:

Option to Submit Comment Electronically on the US Forest Service NEPA Projects Website. It is a public forum.

Here is news coverage on the meeting:

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1 Response to Attention Supporters of the Arrowcreek Middle School

  1. William A. Brown says:

    I support the construction of an Arrowcreek Middle school but feel the proposed location is wrong, The proposed location will require the addition of a second set (possibly a 3rd and 4th) of yellow school zone lights and a traffic light at the intersection of Arrowcreek and Thomas Creek (Extra $$ required).. With multiple school buses navigating the area every day (and icy roads) plus middle school parents driving their kids to school, the potential for vehicle accidents rises exponentially! Arrowcreek Parkway can’t support the increased traffic. Think about it!


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