Notice for the Self-Proclaimed “Intelligent People of ArrowCreek Who Don’t Read ArrowCreek411”

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4 Responses to Notice for the Self-Proclaimed “Intelligent People of ArrowCreek Who Don’t Read ArrowCreek411”

  1. John Lambert says:

    I can’t download any text from Arrowcreek411. I notice at least one other person seems to have that problem. Is there a program we are supposed to use? I see the headlines, but when I click on them, there is some activity in the tool bar, but, ultimately, a grey screen.


  2. Daniel Carrick says:

    Hi: There is no text following the headline. Dan

    On Tue, Aug 4, 2015 at 8:19 AM, ArrowCreek 411 wrote:

    > arrowcreek411 posted: ” “


    • Case in point. Can’t share anything with those people. They already know everything.

      I am so tired of hearing AC411 is nothing but lies and untruths. People have different truth systems just like people have different religions. Converting a person convinced of a particular “truth” is as hard as converting a person to a different religion. Most people group with other people of their same ilk. It usually sustains peaceful existence. –Until different “truths” appear.

      Communities are made up of all kinds of people. There are all kinds of “truths” to explore, but only if one is open to exploration of concepts and beliefs that are outside of one’s own personal box…

      See Good Advice from 08/02/2015.


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