Watch Out for the Snake in the Road!

The snakes are on the move here in ArrowCreek! Yesterday we saw a car swerve on Painted Vista to miss a 5-6 ft King Snake. We have seen several Garter Snakes in our yard.

I contacted a local snake expert, Bob Lissner, this morning. and he provided me some of the following information. I have also talked to Jeanne Tarantino (ArrowCreek’s Associa Manager), and the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW).

If you see a snake on ACHOA Common Land, call ArrowCreek Security at 850-4450.

If the snake is on private property, see Wildlife Animal Control or (for a fee) Creature Catchers at (cell phone) 530-885-7378. Washoe County Animal Services only does cats, dogs and pets – no snakes or wildlife. NDOW suggested John Potash of Get Rattled 775-234-8844, Robert Kettle in Fallon 775-423-5237, Creature Catchers 530-885-7378 or Critter Control 1-800-CRITTER.

gopher snake pituophis melanoleucus deserticolaGopher snakes are a valuable part of the eco-system and harmless to people. They should be moved a little ways up or down the hill. They should not be killed just because somebody is personally afraid of snakes.

rattlesnake Crotalus_viridis_lutosusRattlers are a little harder to justify because they hurt dogs, and rarely, people.

WildLifeRescue has some photos of common Reno snakes.

Reno snake expert, John Potash, of Get Rattled, does snake avoidance classes. He can teach a lot of dogs in not much time. The dogs leave the class with it firmly in their minds that snakes are to be left alone. Please look at the poll questions below, and vote. If enough people respond, we will look into having a class at the Residence Center/Dog Park.

A clip from & KRNV from last year: Snake Clip

A clip from KTVN from this year:
4/16 – 5pm – Drought's Impact on Snakes

Here is a University of Nevada Cooperative Extension-Nevada Department of Wildlife Partnership publication on Northern Nevada snakes: Venomous Reptiles of Nevada

Those of you with dogs: I have not spoken to Get Rattled yet, but based on the video clip, please consider responding to these two poll questions. The Get Rattled website looks like they may have training only on Saturdays and Sundays.

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3 Responses to Watch Out for the Snake in the Road!

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  2. Hilary Vass says:

    I am happy to come relocate the snakes as well. Besides the obvious rattlesnake, all of the other snakes are harmless and great for the ecosystem here. I have seen a lot of field mice in my yard, so I would prefer to have more snakes helping to keep their populations down.


    • Thanks, Hilary! I already have your contact info, so I’m already prepared!! I could list you in our ArrowCreek411 contact list if you’d like. Send me an e-mail with the contact info you are okay with putting on-line. Thanks for being a community helper!! 🙂


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