Join the Club Message from FOA

FOA Head

Dear Members,
In light of the recent HOA Board vote not to proceed with the purchase of the golf course property, we would like to take a moment to address a concern that has been brought to our attention. This concern has to do with what will now happen with the land that the golf course sits on. We have stated on numerous occasions that the original goal of the Friends of ArrowCreek in taking the Club out of bankruptcy, is to preserve our property values, and to do this by preserving a 36-hole private golf and social club. It is the center piece of the ArrowCreek community and we will make every effort to preserve that centerpiece.

Lately, rumors have been circulating that because the sale to the HOA has been aborted that the FOA will now pursue closing 9 or 18 holes to sell for development. Again, our primary objective is to preserve a 36-hole Club.

As you know great strides have been made towards reaching this objective. You have helped move us toward that goal by either maintaining your membership or by referring your friends and family to join you or both. In order for us to fully meet our objective, this momentum has to continue. This year we achieved a monumental goal of enrolling 400 new members, and as we write this we have reached a membership level of 538 golf and 80 social members. While this is a great accomplishment, it is not enough to keep the club viable with 36 holes. We estimate that we need to reach a minimum of 650 golf members to ensure that we are able to meet our main objective. The good news is that we are starting the year with 400 more members than we had last year to help us get there. This means more members to get involved in the sponsorship program. Through your continued support we believe we can achieve our target of 650 golf members in the upcoming year.

In the mean time many of you ask, “What can I do to help?” Here are some thoughts:
• Maintain your membership level or consider upgrading. All dues matter to the club and we want you to get the most value out of your club. We realize that different members have different needs; however it is important to understand that the club depends on your dues to operate at the level you have come to expect. The dues line is the life blood of the club. We cannot sell enough cheeseburgers, shirts or guest fees to equal the value of the dues line. The number of golf members needed to keep the Club viable is directly related to amount of dues that our members pay.
• Bring in a new member or two or three. The Club has seen the majority of its growth come through member sponsorship. Not only does this help grow the club but it helps with retention. A club full of friends will ensure that everybody is engaged in using the club and will likely continue their tenure with the Club.
• Invest in the Friends of ArrowCreek. With the HOA purchase off the table, the FOA will continue to look for members or residents who share our vision for the community and are looking to preserve its value. If you share this vision and feel inclined to participate, please contact one of the FOA managers to learn more about equity opportunities.

While this is not an all encompassing list of actions it is a step in the right direction to help support and grow the club. Preserving a 36-hole golf community will depend solely on our ability to take it to the next level of membership and we need your help to see it through!

Please remember we are committed to The Club at ArrowCreek as well as the ArrowCreek Community. We ask that concerns regarding the future of the Club be addressed to any of the member managers below and hopefully through this flow of communication we will help dispel any rumors before they start.

Thanks for being a member,
The Managers of the Friends of ArrowCreek
Gene Humphery, Tom Gurnee, Gary Pestello, Joe Petite & Mark Wimbush
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3 Responses to Join the Club Message from FOA

  1. Kerry McKinney says:

    Thanks to the FOA for the kind remarks above. As a non-golfing homeowner here in ArrowCreek, I would be interested in a proposal from the FOA to sell to the HOA the land under the 9 or 18 holes that may be closed so that we could create a nature park. I would volunteer for tree-planting or other improvements to make the land accessible to all ArrowCreek residents.


    • No, not just the dirt underneath! Then we still would be trespassing! Let’s see a conceivable and fair-to-both-parties proposal for the HOA to buy the land outright so we could USE the common land acreage as ACHOA owners and non-club members.


  2. Jim Verhey says:

    The Fallacious Development threat continues!!!!!
    According to Washoe County Planning & Development Planners and the Washoe County Legal Counsel,the required ArrowCreek open space which now serves as a golf course cannot be developed because the community plan has reached its density. No further development is permitted.

    Jim Verhey ArrowCreek Homeowner


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