Drone Firm AboveNV Ready to Train Hobby Pilots

by Jessica Garcia, (jigarcia@rgj.com) 9:08 p.m. PST December 18, 2015

AboveNV, a drone education, flight services and data analysis company, is offering classes on the basic operations, rules, regulations and flight operations of drones.

About 1 million drones will be sold during the holidays, and with new FAA rules and regulations go into effect Monday requiring hobbyists to register their drones. AboveNV, in a statement said it wants to ensure that hobbyist drone operators use their unmanned arial vehicles in a safe and legal manner.

The startup company founded by Dunbar and Kirk Ellern has focused its initial work in earning approval from both the Federal Aviation Administration, receiving a 333 Exemption and getting “Airworthy Certificates” from the Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems.

Now AboveNV is providing training and aerial data collection services for customers with who use the company’s drones and services for industrial inspections, two-dimensional and three-dimensional mapping, and data processing capabilities.

The company also plans to begin training drone pilots and expects to expand its services to serve a nationwide market as the drone industry grows to an $82 billion annual business within the next decade.

AboveNV recently landed a contract with the Raggio Research Center at the University of Nevada, Reno, to train educators in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The STEM teachers receive in-service training from AboveNV that allows the educators to teach aerial robotics to their students. The company hopes to expand the training program to include teachers in southern Nevada in 2016.

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