Official ACHOA Summary of 7-28-15 Realtor Forum


Dear ACHOA Member,

The ACHOA Communications Committee informational meeting on Home Values and the Stability of the Real Estate Market within the Gates of ArrowCreek on July 28, 2915 was well attended and informative. Seven realtors participated to provide information.

CLICK HERE to review a summary of the 7/28/15 real estate presentation information.


Communications Committee

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2 Responses to Official ACHOA Summary of 7-28-15 Realtor Forum

  1. A Concerned Homeowner says:

    I find it unbelievable that any of the realtors who work ArrowCreek find the golf course to be the “soul of the community.” It may well be the soul of the segment of the community that belong to the Club at ArrowCreek, but this does not resonate with me at all/

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  2. Ronald Duncan says:

    You now have three perspectives on the Realtor Forum from three gentlemen who attended the same meeting, heard the same words and observed the same reactions. All individuals want what is best for the ArrowCreek Community. The major difference between this account and the other two accounts is that one believes that the Golf Course is ‘ESSENTIAL’ to the subdivision, while the others believe that it is a ‘NICE-TO-HAVE’ feature. So, now you have the two different views, one ‘official’ and the others, one a synopsis (A Synopsis of the Third ACHOA Communication Committee Meeting – Realtor Forum) and one afterthoughts (Afterthoughts on the 7-28-2015 Informational Meeting). Bridging the gap between these perspectives would most definitely provide stability to our COMMUNITY.
    Ron Duncan


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