The ArrowCreek Vote: Regain Whole Community Member Control

by Jim Verhey

Hi Folks, 

We live in a beautiful location and I have a strong belief that we can become and even better place than what we currently are as a community. . . . if we are unfettered by the current Establishment /Self Interested and non-transparent governing group.

As background, I’ve been a Member of the Caughlin Ranch HOA (Reno) at its outset back in 1985, built two homes there, and have been a Member of ArrowCreek since 2007 since my wife and I built our home here. I’ve been a Fortune 500 corporate facility management consultant and a national Top 100 Health Care Systems facility development consultant for nearly 40 years. I have been a Nevada  Real Estate Broker for the past 32 years. We have also been Social Members of the ArrowCreek Country Club before its bankruptcy demise.

On behalf of my positive community desire and the recognition of big conflicts that seemed to be looming for ArrowCreek due to the past Golf Course bankruptcy, and the insidiously scary financial details of the secret HOA and Investor takeout/buyout deal, I did some unsolicited volunteer research on what other successful gated common interest communities have accomplished to secure a better common interest community management format and culture.

Based on that periodic research over the course of months, I submitted various best practice recommendations to the ArrowCreek Board and surprisingly . . . have yet to receive a Board acknowledgment of any of the submissions. Recent submissions by me through community web/net systems have indirectly been more critical of the HOA and have gotten long explanations that seemed to be diversions that didn’t seem to make sense.

I’ve observed/concluded over the past two to three years from Board and Committee behaviors that the Establishment Board and Committees do not only control the governance of our community. They have become aggressive, combative and demeaning of the Non-Establishment members and have shown to be increasingly strong advocates for the special golf course investor interests. Further, they seek to adopt spendthrift habits by proposing deficit budgeting for insular capital project expenses that are not matched to what should be a Member-based/endorsed community Master Plan . . . which does not exist.

In thinking about the resolution of the faction stalemate and the expedient timing of the election, I decided to communicate a clear recommendation to all for the resolution of our problem. . . . We  the Non-Establishment Community Members need to regain control of the 1) Board, 2) Committees, and 3) Management to establish and secure a collaborative, transparent, respectful, responsive, accountable leadership /governing style, culture and structure which will support a positive and uplifting living environment for all of us.

If you haven’t voted, please consider doing two things. To begin:

  1. VOTING FOR  the following Non-Incumbent Board Candidates: Bickel, Keller, Linstroth and Reagle. (Note: Linstroth has been severely vilified by the ArrowCreek governing Establishment over a number of years which serves to portray his strong capability for positive turnaround and change.) These candidates are all new and have promised to be fiscally responsible, accountable, independent of special interest influences, and friendly to discussions and input on all Member issues and concerns. They are aware of the golf course investors and their threats to develop the open space properties despite the County prohibition to do so under the Washoe County/ArrowCreek Development agreement. 
  2. VOTING  to REJECT  the Proposed CC&Rs: There are a number of changes that are good but there are two major changes that are proposed which are particularly dangerous and harmful to Non-Establishment Member interests:

    1. The tacit acceptance and approval by the Board to accommodate subdivision of the golf course open space within the proposed CCRs which indirectly supports the golf club investors in obtaining a rezoning of the property . . . in direct conflict with the County Development Agreement and in conflict with our current community plan and layout which support our individual real estate values. Further, the Board’s indirect rezoning support provides direct enhancement of the golf club investors open space property values while diminishing our individual values due to increased densities and all the negatives that entails.
    2. The proposed expansion of Board authorities and reduced accountability to the Non-Establishment Members who find they have been seriously marginalized during these recent years because of Non-Establishment Member suspicions due to the history of the golf club investor purchase and the suspiciously secret opportunistic investor/Board buyout agreement that was subsequently disapproved by the Non-Establishment Members last election cycle.

Thanks for your consideration of these matters for your vote . . . to regain control of our Community for our mutual benefit.

Jim Verhey
Kachina Court

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