Arrowcreek Middle School Agenda Item Tomorrow, Sept 18, 2018

Republished from Nextdoor with permission from author Lisa Ciorciari (AC411 added links)

This is from the WCSD Building website. We need as many people at this meeting as we can get. Please consider attending or calling or emailing your support. Thank you!

“Important Update: We still hope to have this school open for start of school in 2020, but to have a chance at that we need the Washoe County Commission to approve a permit on September 18 (Item 10 on the agenda).

There was some public opposition at a recent meeting, and the decision on our permit application was delayed. The County Commission is taking up the issue again on September 18 and we hope you will attend this important meeting and make your voice heard. If the County Commission does not approve our permit on September 18, the school opening will be delayed until 2021 or later.

The meeting is September 18 in the Washoe County Commission Chambers at the County Complex, (1001 E. 9th Street, Bldg. A). The meetings begin at 10am, we do not know yet when this agenda item will be heard.

If you cannot attend this meeting in person, we encourage you to make your comments known by emailing or calling the county commissioner for your area. You can easily find your commissioner and their contact information here:

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