A Current Perspective of ArrowCreek

IF you want candidates who implement YOUR vision of the community, and

Not the FOA’s/golf club owners’, and golf club members’ plan.

Not Al Liebman’s plan who wanted us to own all of it: the golf courses and the club house. 

Not John Krisch’s plan who originally voted NO on the golf club purchase, but whose allegiance is anyone’s guess now that he officially has become a club member.

Not Robin Rakusin’s and Joyce Seelen’s plan, both golf club members, who

· For more than 2 years did everything they could to have you, ArrowCreek residents, buy the dirt of the  golf course that the owners, members and their guests get to play on!  Fact.

· Had no concerns about potentially raising the HOA fees to more than $300 or $400/month and ask for special assessments to pay for it. Fact.  

Their vision of YOU pay/THEY and their friends play goes on.

· They were cheerleaders for the pickle ball course.  Any resident, including resident golf club members, can invite outside guests to play and use our facilities.  The leader of the pickle ball club, a golf club member, said at a board meeting: “I can invite as many guests as I want! Fact.

· Per eye witness reports, signatures for the pickle ball court were collected at a table at the club house.  Fact.

· The Social Committee, mostly golf club members, when presenting their recommendation to the HOA board, excluded voices in opposition.  Fact.

· The pickle ball leader also organized a pickle ball tournament with over 20 non-resident participants without obtaining proper approval.  Security put an end to that. Fact.  

The FOA/ACT site claims their candidates have “independence.”  In a post to fellow golf club members, signed by “A Community Team– aka ACT”, Tim Bailey says: I would like candidates on the Board of the ACHOA who are in favor of working with “The Club at ArrowCreek” as good neighbors. We live in the same community and “we depend on each other.”

Nobody disagrees that we need to work with each other for the benefit of all. However, this vision of “dependence” creates the potential for conflict of interest for the FOA/ACT endorsed candidates, because the FOA/ACT  candidates all are members and have other strong affiliations with the golf club.  The interests of the golf club will not always be congruent with the interests of the community at large.

The FOA/ACT site claims that at this juncture, our community needs the experience of their candidates.  They drove the cart into the ditch! – Deeply dividing our community. We need a new set of eyes, and new ideas.

Unless you really believe a leopard can change its spots, please vote for: Ron Duncan, Roger Sheppard, and Carlos Mejia.

And PLEASE share this email with all of your ArrowCreek neighbors and friends! 

A Team of Neighbors

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7 Responses to A Current Perspective of ArrowCreek

  1. Ben Collins says:

    RESPONSE TO “A CURRENT PERSPECTIVE OF ARROWCREEK” posted November 20, also being sent to ACT.

    My name is Joyce Seelen. I am running for the Board of Directors of ArrowCreek. I write that fact directly, because I am responding to a mean-spirited, inaccurate and ANONYMOUS recent post on 411 titled “A Current Perspective of ArrowCreek.” I have no problem signing my name to things I know to be true.

    The bottom line of the prior mean-spirited and dishonest post on 411 is that people who are members of the Club at ArrowCreek should somehow lose their right to be full members of this community as a whole simply because they want to play golf or become a social members of the Club at ArrowCreek. This is my response.

    First, whenever the original anonymous post at issue here uses the word “FACT”, there’s a pretty good shot that the “FACT” is either distorted or simply false. Facts should be backed up by source of the information.

    Second, the anonymous post attacks anyone who is a golfer or social member of the Club at ArrowCreek. The poster clearly believes that he or she has a right to engage in recreational activity of his/her choice, but others do not. To say that I disagree with that premise puts it mildly.

    Next in the anonymous post are a series of similarly mean-spirited statements about assorted Board candidates. Two current Board members (Alan Liebman and John Krisch) voted last year against sending the golf course issue to a vote of the community. They voted what they believed to be best for the community. They are chastised because, according to the anonymous post, their “allegiance is anyone’s guess” simply because they are social members of the Club at ArrowCreek. I know them both. We have had our disagreements, but their “allegiance” is to doing their job representing all of the residents of ArrowCreek. Narrow-minded second guessing the “allegiance” of folks who have worked hard for this community is inappropriate at best and has become the standard of the 411 advocates. What decisions have they made that supports your contention that their allegiance is not to the HOA first?

    Next the anonymous 411 post claims as “FACT” that Robin Rakusin and I voted to send the issue of purchase of the golf course to the community because we had “no concerns” about raising HOA dues to $300 or $400. What is your exact source for that claim? That allegation is one of many “FACTS” that is simply false. A $300 or $400 raise in dues was never on the table that I know of. NEVER. That was a false piece of gossip circulated without regard to truth or accuracy. It was meant to inflame, and it did. I can’t speak for Ms. Rakusin, but I thought hard about the issue that was before us. I voted to send the issue to the community for a vote because I believed that honest communication and accurate details, followed by a vote of homeowners, would provide a superior solution to the mean spirited and false rumors that were circulated by 411 last year. (It is no surprise that the current gossip circulator doesn’t include his or her name on the post. Whenever the anonymous post uses the word “FACT”, there is a pretty good chance it is inaccurate or totally false.)

    Next, the post attacks the Pickleball group with a number of false statements of “FACT”. The clearest false statement is that “security put an end” to a pickle ball tournament. In fact, “security” did not “put an end” to anything. If you had talked to “security”, you would know that. The Pickleball group is newly organized and decided itself that it was not organized enough to have a tournament. For some reason, this mean spirited and anonymous poster wants Pickleball to be treated differently from any other community group. Soccer groups regularly play in tournaments with and against folks from outside of ArrowCreek. They have fun. Tennis players regularly invite folks outside of the gates to play. This anonymous poster wants to create levels in our community – tennis players get to invite persons from outside of the gates to play, pickleball players do not. The anonymous poster wants to limit Pickleball players from any non-resident use, particularly when the friends outside of the gates of ArrowCreek are also members of the Club at ArrowCreek.

    There is a bottom line here — the anonymous poster questions the motives of anyone who wants to see cooperation between the Club and the ArrowCreek community. I don’t. We are neighbors. We can and should work together. I’m tired of the false and nasty rumors and innuendo against folks who want nothing more than to create a community with some degree of unity.

    For a more positive and honest view of ArrowCreek, go to: https://acommunityteam.com/



  2. Malcolm Heaven says:

    To “The Team of Neighbors”. I thought we were done with this negative acrimonious BS. Nobody was being forced to buy the club (and it was the underlying land anyway, for those with obviously short memories), merely all of the options people could think of were flown for consideration should everything have gone belly up. The Club will now stand or fall on it’s ability to be profitable, so I find the potential candidates for the Board wasting time still attacking it and it’s investors tantamount to, if they should be elected, ultimately a deriliction of duty. The same with Pickle Ball. What is the matter with everybody?! Get on with the important matters affecting the community as a whole for crying out loud

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    • Ron Duncan says:

      I too thought we had moved beyond the acrimony of a year ago. Unfortunately, someone had to bring up the ‘perspective’ that homeowner concerns are just “rumor and innuendo” and the Board should not be bothered with such trivia.
      Homeowner concerns and actual complaints should be addressed by the Board in order to maintain order within our community.
      As for “”…the important matters affecting the community as a whole…” I’m very curious to know what you think those are, since they’re not being addressed by candidates.
      Ron Duncan


  3. paulwburkett says:

    Let!s see we have twi individuals running who cannot independently state their future views of ArrowCreek since they have been uninvolved. That truly leaves Five Individuals to select from for four positions.

    The narrative above is not community building and beneficial for the Community. The current Board has launched the new Community Assessment and Strategic Plan project to overcome the above negative and unproductive narrative.

    The main goal of the ACHOA Strategic Planning Process is to conduct a community assessment and develop a strategic planning process to strengthen resident satisfaction for services and amenities within the community, increase market value for ArrowCreek properties, and sharpen the effectiveness of community governance. This will lead to the development of a sense of community by our members and the enhancement of the brand that set the community apart from all other gated communities within Northern Nevada,.

    The above narrative runs contrary to the project goals and does nothing to enhance our community.


    • paulwburkett says:

      It appears that the Concerned Citizens of Arrowcreek have now changed their spots to call themselves the group to Create A New ArrowCreek with the same negative nonproductive commentary. This community is not and never will be the 1997 Developer Bision as suggested by the CNA candidates. The Community deserves a 2017 Vision that reflects the diversity of the Entire Community. The fact that the current Board has embraced this new strategy and project should be endorsed by all in the Community and this horse manure from a team of neighbors that do not post their names should be ignored.

      We needed committed volunteers like current and past board members to move this community forward. Non involved negative naysayers that do not participate in Board Advisory Committees and assist in shaping policy reflect the worst in this community. Statements like above are not conducive to create a desirable community to live in for all. Get out of the dirt and look forward and participate in the governance of the community.


      • Ron Duncan says:

        CNA has not changed its stripes, only re-labeled ourselves as the concern that was being addressed has dissipated.
        Additionally, the characterization above appears to come from the same arrogant philosophy that got the community into the mess of a year and a half ago. The fact is that there a numerous owners, who don’t choose to belong to ‘The Club,’ and don’t necessarily have the time to attend meetings at 10:30 AM or anytime prior to 6 PM. Their voices definitely require an outlet and means for incorporating them into what has been traditionally a ‘Club’ run ACHOA. The statements referred to above were from one of those owners. It is not from CNA.
        It is time for the ACHOA Board to be more inclusive and less an exclusive group focused on special interests. We’ve grown beyond the need for exclusivity in our ACHOA governance.
        Ron Duncan


        • paulwburkett says:


          The voices that you are concerned about that dot not speak out for any reason, will have an opportunity to speak in the near future. The ACHOA Board has started a significant project to establish the thoughts and interests of our diverse community that has thirty-six holes of golf in its center. This project will address independently the very bias that you decry exists within our community. The following comprehensive statements represent a project we all can support.

          This November, the ArrowCreek Board of Directors launched the ArrowCreek Path Foward process to create a road map for the future of the community. This strategic planning process will engage a wide range of stakeholders and help ArrowCreek define a vision for the future.

          The main goal of the ACHOA strategic planning process is to conduct a community assessment and develop a road map that strengthens resident satisfaction, increases market value for properties, and sharpens the effectiveness of community governance. Another hope for the planning process is to increase alignment of unity, amongst all of the community members, around where we want to go and how we are going to get there.

          Critical to the success of the strategic planning process will be stakeholder input. Over the next few months, the strategic planning team from Hansford Economic Consulting and Freshtracks Communications will be collecting feedback in various ways to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the Community and then work with the Board and Community to define the best path forward.

          This project is more specific and has tactical goals that go beyond your stated goal – Create a New ArrowCreek (CNA). I applaud the current Board Members that supported the Independent Anslysis and avoided a vague ill defined objective that you and Mr Sheppard state in you flyers.

          As such, I cannot support you, Mr Sheppard and Mr Media for the Board. You have not provided a positive vision for the Community but only dredge up the past to support your position.


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