Key Criteria for Board Members

As the ArrowCreek Community owners are receiving and reviewing their voting packages, I offer for all to carefully consider voting for ArrowCreek HOA board candidates that are both sympathetic and committed to an HOA leadership format that is :
-independent of special interests
-homeowner oriented
-forward looking
-fiscally conservative
-open and transparent in communications and
-administratively responsible through application of best practice management approaches …..
to enhance the ArrowCreek Community living experience.

Please, do vote! Every vote is important. Returning your ballot is one way to get your voice heard about how you want YOUR ArrowCreek to prosper.

Jim Verhey
ArrowCreek Homeowner

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1 Response to Key Criteria for Board Members

  1. Ron Duncan says:

    Thank you for asking straight forward questions of the candidates.
    With respect to the ‘criteria’ you’ve proposed, the ballot information packets certainly address the major points. However, here’s a synopsis of my responses:
    Independence of Special Interests – I am one of the three candidates free from any entanglements with ArrowCreek Special Interests.
    Homeowner Orientation – I, and my wife, conducted a home owner meeting at our home to determine what owners found could use improvement. We then set out to repair those deficiencies. One of those results was arrowcreek411.
    Forward looking – There’s a famous quote to the effect that if you don’t understand history, you’re doomed to repeat it. I understand where ArrowCreek has come from and believe that the strategic planning process that has been put in place will fill out the holes and incorporate some of the vision of the original developers.
    Fiscally Conservative – I am not as conservative as some of the current Board members BUT I do understand the value of a dollar and where it comes from. As a consequence, I would spend community funds through a fine sieve versus a funnel.
    Open and Transparent Communication – I’ve recently been accused of being too open and way too transparent. I listen to members of the community and try to work with our current system to resolve issues and or get answers. That can and has ruffled some feathers.
    Administratively responsible – As a former Operations and Program manager, I enjoy using best practices in management. This included performance reviews and focused criteria to limit the objectives levied on performance.
    Living Experience – This will definitely be enhanced through development and implement of a Strategic Plan. Why will that have an effect? Because it will likely define a path to expand our current recreation options and provide facilities that will support a larger segment of our community.
    I hoe that assists in your evaluation process and I respectfullu request your vote of confidence.
    Ron Duncan


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