Facts and Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

21 November 2016

The witches of the club were truly busy concocting ‘stories’ of the evil my candidacy brings to the ACHOA Board this past weekend. Hopefully the below truths will blow away their evil spirits.

First Truth: I am NOT nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be the Web Master of arrowcreek411. I submit articles, just like everyone else, and the web master adjudicates whether or not they are worthy of ArrowCreek COMMUNITY attention.

Second Truth: The CNA logo, of people connecting to people, was first used, and developed by CNA, on a mailing in January 2015. Long before there was a glimmer of an outfit known as ACT. So, it would appear that the ACT organization lacks the creative flair to put something unique in front of the community.

Third Truth: I have absolutely advocated for people with time and interest to join The Club at ArrowCreek or become an investor in the Friends of ArrowCreek. At the bottom of my monthly articles there is a statement of that fact. See A Community with Two Personalities – October 18 2016 Property Value Update from Washoe County Assessor Records. Each month has links at the bottom for all the previous months.

Fourth Truth: I have never advocated for an increase in our home owner dues. I have indeed made observations and suggestions regarding our budget priorities and the fact that the appropriate committees continue to use ‘surplus funds’ from one year to cover shortfalls in the coming year. At some point you run out of such funds and are forced to raise dues. Is it a disservice for the postponement?

Fifth Truth: The ‘vision’ I have advocated aligns with the original developer’s vision, which is still in force in our community. Is it outdated? The recently commissioned Strategic Plan Study, that was proposed by members of CNA via the Administrative Committee and adopted by the ACHOA Board of Directors, will determine if that ‘plan’ is outdated or should be updated to reflect current community interests. I fully support that process.

Sixth Truth: ArrowCreek consists of 1086 lots, PERIOD. About one-third of those lots lie on the periphery of the Non-residential area, a.k.a. the ArrowCreek Golf Course. In addition, about 20 to 25 percent of the owners of ArrowCreek lots belong, are dues paying members, of The Golf Club. That certainly does not constitute a majority of the owners. It does imply that, like the study done by the ACHOA Board of Directors a year and a half ago, the majority of owners do not consider ArrowCreek to be a ‘golf community.’ I am one who believes in the majority rules concept and further believe that it hurts our community values to narrowly focus on one aspect of the community over others.

 So, if there are other areas that need to have the light of day shed upon them to banish conjured ghosts and goblins. PLEASE LET ME KNOW! 

Ron Duncan

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3 Responses to Facts and Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth

  1. paulwburkett says:

    The name calling was uncalled for by this candidate for the Board in the above epistle. Since, Mr. Duncan wants to set the record straight and cite facts, then he should be required to set the record straight on the most ridiculous post card that came in the mail.

    Mr. Duncan, Mr. Sheppard, and Mr Mejia, Jr. should set the record straight concerning the false statements made in the recent Post Card forwarded by the Better Friends of ArrowCreek. These candidates should clearly and unequivocally state that the postcard contains falsehoods and that they do not support the position taken within the postcard. Failure to discredit the postcard reflects that these candidates lack the foresight and credibility to guide this Association.

    FACT ONE: The Friends of ArrowCreek have not endorsed any candidate in this election. They have stayed out this election and if the Better Friends of ArrowCreek had inquired they would have had this fact laid clearly out to them. In fact, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Sheppard, and Mr Mejia, Jr. could have detailed the fact that no endorsement from the Friends of ArrowCreek, LLC had been published.

    FACT TWO: The ArrowCreek Board of Directors since January 2016 have never stated in any published Board Meeting Agenda, Board Meeting Minutes, or Executive Session Agenda that the Association is still considering the purchase of The Club at ArrowCreek. There are no ACHOA Board Advisory Committees reviewing or analyzing such a purchase proposition. The Club at ArrowCreek property is not an issue for this current board or any of the candidates running for election as indicated within their Candidate Statements. Again, If the Better Friends of ArrowCreek had completed their due diligence and attended Board meetings they would have known that the Golf Course purchase does not exist.

    This is the worst example of the gross misrepresentations going on in this pending election stated by ill informed minority within our community. This is an unacceptable behavior for a community wanting to go forward and determine the proper path for serving the community. Shame on the Better Friends of ArrowCreek for publishing such garbage and shame on Mr. Duncan, Mr. Sheppard, and Mr. Mejia, Jr. until they separate themselves from this unethical, divisive group.


    • Ron Duncan says:

      An Addition to Fact, the Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth.
      The ‘card’ to which you refer was produced by an organization identified as ‘Better Friends of ArriowCreek.’ The anger you and others are expressing is aimed at the wrong targets. Each of the INDEPENDENT candidates, NOT ASSOCIATED IN ANY WAY WITH ‘The Club’ at ArrowCreek had absolutely Nothing to do with the production of the card received by ArrowCreek residents.
      When CNA, or I, produce a product we have always identified that fact. None of the three INDEPENDENT candidates belong to the BFOAC. WE have used common publications to conserve costs and to provide a counter weight to members of ‘The Club’ who are using ACT backing to secure their positions on the Board of Directors.
      The above diatribe, and that of Ben Collins and his partner Ms. Seelen,, appear to once again impugn the integrity of candidates not belonging to the insider group of ArrowCreek. This merely promotes the ‘rumor and innuendo’ that Ms. Seelen so decried at the candidates forum. Before making accusations, perhaps a GOOD lawyer would get the facts as to the origination instead of furthering wrongful character assinations.
      Ron 🙂


      • paulwburkett says:

        I appreciate your response Ron but it lacks the clarity that should have been provided. I have high expectations for any candidate running to be an ArrowCreek Community Leader that wants to foster open, transparent, candid, truthful communications. You have a role in investigating and providing truthful information to the community or to disavow those parties that continually misstate the facts.

        A Potential Community Leader would correct the record and would clearly state that The Friends of ArrowCreek, LLC have not publically endorsed any candidates for the ACHOA Board. You should check their website and look for any such emails from the Friends of ArrowCreek. ACT like CNA and ArrowCreek 411 are independent organizations that reflect their organizations opinions, comments and endorsements. The truth is that there is no endorsement from the Friends of ArrowCreek, LLC as you imply. This is not an open, transparent truthful statement from the CNA candidates and should be corrected by the CNA candidates.

        A Potential Community Leader would correct the record and would clearly state that there is no plan for the ACHOA to purchase The Club At Arrowcreek. A Community Leader that has attended as many Board and Advisory Committee meetings as you have should have clearly stated that this was a false, untruthful statement.

        A Potential Community Leader would convince Mr. Sheppard and Mr. Mejia, Jr. as future Community Leaders to also disallow and correct the record as per the misstatements in the postcard.

        A Potential Community Leader would get with the Better Friends of ArrowCreek Indian Ridge Drive post card publisher and solicit them to correct this postcard. This should be accomplished since CNA and the Better Friends of ArrowCreek were aligned in their past efforts concerning the community. The Community does not see any separation between the two entities. In fact, this is the first time that CNA through your comments has publicly disavowed that relationship that defamed individuals and misrepresented facts about the ACHOA .

        A Potential Community Leader may want to get the Better of Friends of ArrowCreek Indian Ridge Drive publisher to actually send out positive comments about your new vision — Create a New ArrowCreek (CNA) – A gated Community Enjoyed by All. This would be useful since neither Mr. Sheppard or you have provided any further clarity about this position as stated in the disclosure statements and Candidate Night statements.

        A Potential Community Leader should openly investigate. gather data, and analyze the facts before making damaging statements or disallowing or suspending any active group within ArrowCreek or to disallow mutual cooperation with The Club At ArrowCreek. Recent statements and activities concerning the Pickleball Group and The Club At ArrowCreek raise concerns about the CNA candidates ability to be effective open minded Community Leaders that respect all diverse groups within the community.

        Needless to say, I expect that Potential Community Leaders will walk the talk about representing and respecting all the diverse groups within the ArrowCreek Community including those that are members of The Club at ArrowCreek, Tennis Groups, Pickleball Groups, Hiking Groups, Swimming Group, Walking Groups, Physical Training Groups, Gardening Groups, Book Clubs, Quilting Groups, etc, A Potential Community Leader cannot be selective but be open to all of the diversity and that is what I expect. I expect that Potential Community Leaders to work hard to protect the ArrowCreek Brand and challenge any negative or damaging comments the impact the community like those of the Better Friends of ArrowCreek.

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