Same Behaviors, Different Motives? Evil Postcard Brings Out the Worst Yet

Editor’s Note: ArrowCreek411 refused to post this yesterday. Joyce is attacking the wrong people. Of course, ACT already posted her objection because they don’t allow any opposition comments to be posted. So ArrowCreek411 is forced to post this so the comments can be aired. The three independent non-golf candidates are not creating this mess. There are other ArrowCreek residents not happy with the behavior of some of the ArrowCreek club members or those running for office who are affiliated with the club. Attacking Ron, Carlos and Roger in this way puts Joyce, Paul, Gretchen, Betsy, Tim and ACT in the same gooey mud with the ones who are responsible for that postcard. This is Trump behavior all over again. If these three candidates do win over the popular vote, it may be the first time since ArrowCreek existed that the golf club did not have dominant control of the ACHOA board. Is that what is at stake here?

Ron did not call Joyce or Robin a witch unless they were among the women walking the neighborhoods calling him names and associating all the bad press to him, spreading more rumors and lies – because he is not the one responsible for any of it. Ron has explained time and time again that he is not against the golf club. He is against the ArrowCreek HOA owning it but that is not a current issue. Are the golfers slamming him so hard because they DID have a secret plan to try again?

None of the non-golf member ACHOA Board candidates are responsible for the post cards received recently nor for the so called ‘anonymous’ postings that Joyce, Paul, Gretchen, Betsy, Tim and ACT keep touting Ron and the other two non-golf club member candidates are behind over and over again, behaving with the very type of behavior and spreading the very type of lies they are supposedly against. The four club-affiliated ACHOA Board candidates have not disavowed the demeaning comments of ACT nor the people walking the neighborhoods and yet they expect the three independent candidates to disavow a postcard they had nothing to do with. What is the difference in behavior?

Here is Joyce’s text:

My name is Joyce Seelen. We just received a postcard “Prepared by Better Friends of ArrowCreek”. An anonymous individual or group that evidently, does not want us to know who they are. I, along with other candidates running for the Board (Rakusin, Krisch & Liebman) were criticized, by name, with false allegations and innuendos to which I respond here. It is sad that vitriolic anonymous postcards now join the innuendo that has been posted on line for days.

It is not true that I am a member of the FOA. I and the others listed honestly signed that information our “Candidates Statement”. The notion that I, or anyone else of whom I am aware, am trying to sell the golf course to the homeowners is false. I do not own any part of the golf course to sell. The people who keep claiming and insinuating to the contrary clearly have too much time — and too little information — on their hands.

I am a member of the Club at ArrowCreek. I love the joy and the friendships (mostly with ArrowCreek residents) that I’ve forged there. I honor the idea of the homeowners and the independent Club working together to forge a spectacular community. As a Board member, I’ve worked as a Board Liaison to the Club to try to find ways for the organizations to work together for the benefit of this community. We’re currently working on reducing the weeds and cheat grass that could fuel fires. I cherish honesty. I want no part of the “Better Friends” who send anonymous postcards and post anonymous allegations on line– both filled with false “fact” and innuendo.
For being a female member of the Club at Arrow Creek, I and other women have been labeled by Ron Duncan in a recent post as “witches”. I did not respond to the claim earlier because, if anyone has seen me early in the morning, the contention could have some merit. However, it has no merit concerning the other women I’ve met.

There are several claims by Mr. Duncan that I’ve left untouched because I didn’t want to engage in this fight with a neighbor. Clearly he and his running mates have no such reluctance. They are leading an “anti-golf course” charge that makes no sense and threatens to devalue all of the homes in ArrowCreek. This is what Mr. Duncan has written recently: He claims as “fact” that this is not a golf community. He says it is a community that “unfortunately” has a golf course running through it. Clearly he would like to see the golf course fail. In addition, he asked the Board to “suspend” the right of residents to play Pickleball based on rumor that someone was selling rights to use our courts throughout “Truckee Meadows” for $50. When I asked Mr. Duncan for his source of the rumor so that I could track it down, he refused to “divulge” his “sources.” So I spent 2 days tracking down rumors which were, as nearly as I can tell, totally false. Several Pickle ballers did get together and form a group that purchased matching shirts and balls for $50. The substance behind the rumor was that grown people were willing to pay $50 to wear matching shirts and buy balls to play pickleball for only one reason – It was fun.

The attacks on candidates other than their chosen three, Mejia, Sheppard and Duncan, whether anonymous or signed by Mr. Duncan, share a common thread: They claim that the motives of anyone who is a member of the Club at ArrowCreek, are suspect. By the way, my broom is warm and ready to ride. I am also going to try to post this response to the 411 website today.

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2 Responses to Same Behaviors, Different Motives? Evil Postcard Brings Out the Worst Yet

  1. Ron Duncan says:

    You got your Thanksgiving wish, your above article is posted on 411.
    “leading an anti golf course charge…” REALLY??!? The golf course and the club, a.k.a. the ‘Non-residential area,’ are owned and are the assets of the Friends of ArrowCreek, LLC (FOA). As such it is their, and only their, responsibility to do with it as they deem fit. I’ve identified the absolute need for the ACHOA Non-profit Corporation to establish a symbiotic relationship with this other corporation. Somehow, thru the twisted logic of the witches, that means I’m against the golf course and club. I am NOT. I am highly in favor of having a corporate arrangement of mutual respect and openness and how the other corporation operates its business is none of the business of the ACHOA..
    As for the ‘charge’ that I wanted Pickle Ball, suspended, NOT True. In fact the email string between myself and the Board was shared with the entire pickle ball club! As a result I received personal attacks from one of its members. l requested an ACHOA Board ‘investigation’ of the club charge, which is not part of other clubs within ArrowCreek and was met by derision and ‘how dare anyone question the new club?’ Citizen input to the Board needs to be taken seriously and not dismissed as “rumor” or “innuendo.” An open and transparent Board is essential for ArrowCreek to move forward.
    Anytime anyone wishes to have a debate on whether this is or isn’t a golf course community, I would welcome the challenge and advise them to bring their best data. Two thirds of our properties do not lie on the golf course and many have no view of it. You are absolutely correct, I do not believe this is a golf course community.
    Ron Duncan


    • Malcolm Heaven says:

      So the beat goes on. Very upsetting. Does anyone know who the people are behind these obnoxious and libelous postcards? Because despite the more reasonable back and forth between people who are not afraid to sign their names to what they write, despite having somewhat different viewpoints, the real culprits of causing a division and antagonism within the community are the persons too cowardly to personally stand behind their ridiculous accusations. Obviously they know they are promulgating lies but just want to anonymously cause dissension. So stupid!

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