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The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. The examples summarized in the “A current perspective on ArrowCreek” posting, reflect the actions of several of the incumbent board candidates as witnessed and experienced by several residents at board and committee meetings, the golf club, and the pickle ball court. We live in a democracy, and we respect the right of others to call the information “horse manure,” “BS,” nonproductive naysaying, or untruthful. We have the right and obligation to report information as the truth – verified by several homeowners and with security personnel (*see below). Residents are free to decide for themselves how to make use of that information when they execute their right to vote.

Actions speak louder than words. The issue is not golf or pickle ball. What is important to see is the principle behind the actions taken. If you have a candidate running for reelection claiming to be a representative of all, but shows a track record of:

-Deciding to pursue an objective that the candidate was not elected for while disregarding growing opposition to his/her views for more than 2 years and while causing the polarization of her constituency (Claiming to be a mere ‘volunteer’ and not responsible to owner constituents)

-Ignoring the wishes of his/her constituents expressed in a democratically performed demographic poll sponsored by the very Board he/she was a part of while

-Jumping into action and on the bandwagon of a special interest group

then, in our opinion, the actions of that candidate show a pattern of tunnel vision, exclusivity, favoritism, and self-interest, and his/her words are exposed as mere rhetoric. Residents can decide if such a candidate should be their representative.

If you share our vision of a community where your board and committee members value


then we recommend you vote for:
Mejia, Sheppard & Duncan

A Team of Neighbors

*For example: (for what it’s worth)
1) The various golf club/golf course purchase options vigorously pursued by Seelen/Rakusin absolutely would have raised HOA fees to $300 and above and required special assessments. Check the HOA board meeting minutes, briefings, and do the math. Experienced and witnessed.

2) Six residents spoke at the social committee meeting in June objecting to the conversion of the 4th tennis court to pickle ball courts and taking away an established amenity. Residents raised other concerns about the signature list that was not vetted, that we do not have any data regarding the percentage of residents in favor of pickle ball, while we do have data from the demographic study, actually ranking PB as the sixth and last choice of what owners want to see in AC. These points were absolutely left out in the report to the board. Experienced and witnessed.

3) Security absolutely went to the pickle ball court telling the organizer the unauthorized tournament, that they had no prior notification for, could not go on/had to stop. Check with the Chief of Security. Experienced and witnessed.

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5 Responses to Track Records

    The team of neighbors is under no obligation to reveal their sources.  One definite source are the minutes of board meetings/briefings, or better yet the video tapes. The reason why the “sources” are not revealed is to protect the residents that directly experienced and witnessed the points made in the post  because it appears that  anyone with dissenting opinions from those defended on ACT would have to endure personal attacks, be called liars, and possibly worse. We respect freedom of opinion and expression,  and we claim this right for ourselves.


  2. Mary Ann Gaebe says:

    Well again Ron, you are skewing the truth a bit. The reason the Pickleball people did not inform Security about a tournament was that there was none scheduled. It had been discussed and then cancelled prior to the date it was supposed to happen. There was no reason to contact Security for a non-event. As for the signature list, it was vetted (although perhaps you didn’t see it, since you aren’t a current Board member). You are beginning to sound like Donald Trump!
    Mary Ann Gaebe


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