Post-Schellbourne Fire Notes About Alert Systems

The Schellbourne Fire scar is what remains of the incident a week ago Wednesday, Sept 26, 2018. The “scare” was that some ArrowCreek residents received alerts to be prepared for possible evacuation on their landlines (call) and cell phones (call and text) yet others were not. Many residents were watching in groups at the end of their streets while busily texting other neighbors who were at work. The spottiness of alerts was very noticeable.

To get alerts, the easiest action to take is to sign up for Code Red on the Washoe County Emergency Regional Alerts website no matter what else you might think is in place. You can also sign up for other alerts on the website.

While on the topic of alerts, did you get the “Presidential Alert” on your cell phone yesterday, October 3rd, around 11:18 in the morning? Our household did. If you did not, check out Didn’t Get The Presidential Alert Test On Your Phone? Here’s Why or The US government doesn’t seem to know why some people didn’t get its presidential alert. It was the first broad field test of the system. It was not the finished product. You can provide feedback via instructions in either article.

This action was recorded live from Nambe Drive in ArrowCreek. The firefighters drop fire retardant to prevent the Schellbourne Fire from spreading on the west side of Reno, Nevada, on September 26, 2018. The clip is best viewed without sound. (Sounds are from nail guns in use from builders across the street. Female voice “Ooo” is when the retardant gets dropped. The commentary doesn’t add anything.) The fire did burn up to the retardant but no further. No structures were lost. The fire was caused by a bird arcing a power line. The fire was 100% contained on September 28, 2018.

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