Painted Vista Neighborhood Meeting Held Nov 29, 2014

Several neighbors in the Painted Vista neighborhood got together with a few other ArrowCreek residents at the home of Ron and Susan Duncan to meet each other (some for the first time) and to discuss ideas for community activities and increasing information dissemination for the various activities and functions going on in the community.

There were a lot of very good exchanges. As expected, the outcome of the exchanges identified several areas of common interest. In order of ‘revelation’ here are the top topics:

  • Security – Perhaps one of the key reasons people live in ArrowCreek.
  • Communications (Always a top priority in a corporation or neighborhood)- How to establish a ‘forum’ for people to share ideas, bear alerts, school happenings, or community activities. The HOA newsletter is too restrictive and prevents neighbors from sharing. Plus we don’t need a management company to assist and ‘filter’ the discussions.
  • Interests span a broad spectrum – Need a method to facilitate sharing of skills and hobbies to identify affinity groups with leaders.

Yes, the path forward for the golf course was brought up. There definitely appears to be a consensus for buying the land. There is not a consensus for forming a Joint venture/golf club resort without more specific information. The attendees seemed to think that the FOA investment group is privy to greater detail than the members of the HOA.

One of the thoughts expressed during the gathering was to a.) Buy the land, b.) contract out the running of the ‘upper’ golf course (as it is deemed the best of the two), and c.) convert the ‘lower’ course into a park and/or use a portion of it to ‘cleanse’ the grey water that currently flows into ArrowCreek for landscape irrigation. This concept would be beneficial to Washoe Valley as the current sewer treatment plant is in violation of nitrogen standards, and will cost millions to fix, and we could provide a means of ‘cleansing’ the water prior to re-release into Steamboat creek more cheaply than expanding the sewer plant. Hopefully we could negotiate with the county and or cities to then lower our water and/or sewer rates.

This following list is intended to capture the highlights of our conversations as noted on the easel notepads. If something is missing, please comment below. Again, THANK YOU to those neighbors who participated in this initial discussion.

  • Security:
    • Community Alert System – Bear sightings; Weapons firing; Explosions; Trespassers
    • Improved Crime Reporting – Security to report property and physical crimes within the newsletter and HOA Board meetings
    • To facilitate the reporting, develop a common reporting template.
  • Communications
    • Establish a Facebook Group (in work)
    • Identify E-mail addresses for HOA share holders
    • Activity contacts
    • Free flow of ideas and opinions; sharing and caring
  • Common Interests: Span a broad spectrum.
    • Outdoor activities: Hiking, Skiing, Golfing, Tennis, Handball, Basketball, Soccer
    • Crafts: Quilting, Model Railroading, Metal working
    • Environment: Gardening, Native plant culture, Friends of Nevada Wilderness
    • Cards/games: Bridge, Pinochle, Monopoly, Mexican Train
    • Food: Winetasting, Gourmet Clubs, Restaurant-hopping
  • Concerns with the ArrowCreek Golf Club:
    • The situation currently appears to be stable with the Friends of ArrowCreek (FOA) owning the club and the golf courses.
    • Non-profit to Business agenda for HOA – how does the community get involved early?
    • Assessment of current HOA budget with respect to maximizing value for fees paid.
    • Re-examine the ‘philosophy’ of the Reserve Fund with respect to NRS116.
    • With respect to the use of the ArrowCreek Golf Club, assuming we (the HOA) buy this property, generate more options that will provide maximum benefit to the greatest number of HOA owners.
    • Get ALL facts, pro & against, each option and get those to ALL the HOA members for all options.

That’s everything that was captured on the easels. Again, Thanks to each of you for participating!!

Ron and Susan Duncan 🙂

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