Concerned Neighbors of ArrowCreek Meeting Notice

Concerned Neighbors
Of ArrowCreek

Would Like to
Invite You to Attend
A Meeting at the

Residents Center

To Discuss Options to
Preserve our Property Values

Monday December 15 at 1:30pm
Wednesday December 17 at 1:00pm
Saturday December 20 at 10am & 1:00pm

For More Information, Please Go To:

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2 Responses to Concerned Neighbors of ArrowCreek Meeting Notice

  1. Wayne Krachun says:

    Excellent points, Dan. I agree that our presentation was a bit off target, and 4 of us have worked hard to present a more focused and shorter argument. Wednesday at 1pm and Saturday at 10am and 1pm will be completely different presentations. And yes, we will plan for an evening discussion in early January.
    Wayne Krachun


  2. (This Comment was originally posted on the Voices to the Webmaster page. It is copied here for the reader’s convenience, since it has to do with the first of the meetings in this post. The Webmaster)

    Dec. 16, 2014
    I attended the first presentation by Wayne Krachun and Forrest Patin yesterday afternoon. I would like to share my thoughts.

    I applaud their efforts to be involved in this important decision for the ACHOA. I appreciated the slogan: “We can do better.” Yes, I think we can.

    The presentation also needs to be in the evening; we need neighbors there who don’t have gray hair and may not have a clue as to what is happening in the community. I advocate changing the gate sign to reflect this.

    While I found the presentation to be a bit “off topic” because of the community possibilities as enumerated by Forrest, there was enough “meat” on the golf environment to get the discussion going. For me, the subject is: what do we do with the golf courses? I think it’s fair to assume that the FOA and current ACBOD have a plan and they want to make it happen. Unfortunately, none of us outsiders know the details. Heck, maybe it’s true that they don’t either, but I suspect that it’s mostly in place and it’s just a matter of how they get there as this has been in play for awhile now. I would like to state where I am coming from: I don’t golf; I bought here because I like the ambiance of the golf club; I really don’t want to see the golf course fail to the point of being brown; if the course can be saved in a reasonable manor, let’s save it. Operative word here is reasonable. At this point we are working with an unfinished product as presented by Rich Kenny. His presentation represents current thinking by the FOA, ACBOD, and APMC. They have presented their thoughts. I think it’s time for some counter thoughts that represent a real plan, but I think we need to see and understand what they are going to propose for the community. Unfortunately we only have speculation at this point but let’s start thinking how “we can do better.” For example: I think that the ACHOA (us) need to own the land. As I understand it, D’Andrea HOA doesn’t own the land and has no say about what happens next. If we own the land and the worst case scenario happens, we would be in position to repurpose it to possibly do some of the things Forrest mentioned. I think the ACHOA doesn’t need to be in the golf business; it’s a risky business for anyone in this economy under the best of situations. I think 36 holes is 18 too many. APMC presentation made it sound as if they are the wunderkids of golf management. I think they should manage it under lease to the HOA. Just thinking out loud, possibly a deal can be structured to protect their investment for the first 12 months, then they are on their own. Then again, Tom Gurney said yesterday that they, FOA, is prepared to go it alone, so maybe this is the best bet. The ACHOA can then purchase it from them, possibly at a lower price if it all goes south.

    I do know that as the FOA/ACHOA deal as currently talked about, no cap, capitol calls, incremental dues increases, etc. is not something I will support. It’s corporate welfare in its worst form.
    Dan Carrick


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