Please Sign Up for HOA Email Distribution!

Email allows the ArrowCreek HOA to distribute information to you more quickly and efficiently.  By Nevada law, the ArrowCreek HOA must have a signed form on file in order to send you certain information via email in lieu of US mail.  You could call Jeanne Tarantino at 775-334-7403 or email her at to have her send a form. You can also download the form here since it isn’t linking properly on the HOA website. If you complete the attached form and mail it back to Jeanne, she can get you set up in the Association’s email data base right away.  Please note that correspondence regarding your individual account will still be sent to you via US mail, but general correspondence, newsletters, notices and updates are what is sent via email.  Often times the HOA sends brief updates via email that are not sent via US Mail.  I hope you will consider signing up for this program.

Several neighbors have indicated that they have not seen HOA newsletters or other HOA mailings. If you haven’t been getting HOA information via mail for whatever reason, hopefully, by returning this form, you will now be better informed!

If you have any questions, please contact Jeanne!  Thank you!

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