January Associa Website Updates

Cool beans!! The top middle section of the ArrowCreek HOA Associa Sierra North website has new links to officially released HOA documents AND at the bottom of that section is a link to ArrowCreek411! IMPORTANT: The words above the link do say it is not an official HOA site. TA DA! We are now full circle entwined, back and forth to your hearts’ desire!  (The Associa link here on ArrowCreek411 is on the right-hand side under ArrowCreek Links.) Under the ArrowCreek411 link on the Associa website is an important paragraph to read pertaining to the relationship of the two websites. The ArrowCreek HOA Board is truly trying to get more timely information to you within their limitations.

The Updates on the Associa site are for the following:
FAQs Cover Letter
Club Purchase FAQs
Browning Reserve Study for Golf Acquisition
January 2015 Member Letter and HOA Responses

Any Renter, who tries to access these Associa links, can report here in a reply if they can read them. (When you click on the link it will download the document, not open a new window.)

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