Unintended Consequences of ACHOA Board (Un-)Statements

I just received this from one of the neighbors and wanted to share what’s being said about our fine community. We need a definitive statement from the ACHOA Board to counteract these ‘rumors.’ What is the truth? The ACHOA Board needs to seriously make a statement that we all will believe.

“Just had a very interesting conversation with the Keller Williams realtor who handled the purchase for us of our home here in ArrowCreek. She said there are a lot of rumors going throughout the real estate community regarding the status of the country club and the “potential” purchase of the club by the HOA. Realtors have been hearing from potential buyers that they “do not want to look at homes in ArrowCreek” specifically because they do not want to be in a position where there will be increased HOA payments and the certainty of assessments connected to the country club/golf course. The biggest asset historically has been the pools and tennis courts with the golf being “a nice extra but not really being as big a selling point” since there are other courses around.

I am sure what she said does not come as a surprise to any of you but wanted to share it.”

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3 Responses to Unintended Consequences of ACHOA Board (Un-)Statements

  1. Ronald Duncan says:

    At least two, repeat, two, committees are looking into alternatives, the ACCC and the Communications Committee. The real issue will always revolve around what to do with a failed golf course. Once it has failed perhaps the ACHOA Board will have a going in bargaining position to merely pick up the property and have the 345 property owners who have a direct interest in green versus brown come up with a funding plan that doesn’t involve all of the 741 properties that do not have a direct interest.
    Ron Duncan


  2. Ronald Duncan says:

    If the PRIMARY job of our ACHOA Board is to protect our property values, their performance has been much less than adequate. It’s time to move on from trying to ‘buy’ a Golf club, let the FOA and APG do their thing, and announce to the entire Washoe county community that ArrowCreek is back to its roots as a premier secure and livable place with views, peace, quiet and freedom of choice.
    Let what happens in the future, be the future and stop trying to restrict the freedom of choice for all residents.
    Ron Duncan


    • Norm Ziomek says:

      I agree with Ron. The ACHOA board has created a situation where the “well has been poisoned” and is doing nothing to correct the situation. Appears like the Board is just waiting to see what happens to the FOA golf club operation. Shouldn’t they be using the time to study and plan for various alternatives if and when the FOA decides it wants out.
      Norm Ziomek


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