ArrowCreek HOA Meeting Today – 5:30 PM at The Club at ArrowCreek!


Don’t forget!

ArrowCreek HOA Meeting Today (04/14/15) – 5:30 PM at The Club at ArrowCreek!

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2 Responses to ArrowCreek HOA Meeting Today – 5:30 PM at The Club at ArrowCreek!

  1. Concerned AC Resident says:

    To the HOA Board. Since when do we allow AC residents to openly consume alcohol at board meetings? It was obvious that several residents were being disrespectful to fellow residents at Tuesdays HOA meeting. This behavior most likely caused by them being somewhat inebriated. We were appalled by their behavior. We agree that HOA meetings should be held at the Residents Club, where no alcohol is allowed.


  2. ArrowCreek Homeowner says:

    Why are we having our HOA Board meetings at the golf club and not the residents club? We have always had the meetings there. Is it so the board can honor the constituents that voted for them, the FOA and golfers! I was not at the meeting, but heard that the majority of the homeowners (FOA and their golf buddies) there had wine glasses in hand and were rude and tried to intimidate the homeowners that were speaking against the golf club joint venture. These are the facts: we are dealing with a bunch of wine and golf snobs that have no respect for their fellow homeowners that dare disagree with them. Their golf club is a LOSER and will never be profitable. It has never been and will never be.
    What happened at the meeting showed the FOA/golfer true colors! I have lived in ArrowCreek since 2001 and have witnessed these snobs move in and take over both the HOA Board and the golf club. It is time that we ArrowCreek homeowners stand up against these rude snobs!


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