What Is Truth?

Truth is not a universally same value for every person in this ArrowCreek community or even for the world. It is formed by life experiences, as CNA has said in previous dialogues with those in the community that declare only they have the truth.

The Truth is what you believe, profound as it may be.

From Philosophy Now, Mar/Apr 2015, the answers to “What is Truth?” are as varied as the perception of truth.

The one that clicks with the behavior experienced in ArrowCreek is this one from Robert Tables of Blanco, Texas:

Truth is interpersonal. We tell each other things, and when they work out we call them truths. When they don’t, we call them errors or, if we are not charitable, lies. What we take as truth depends on what others around us espouse. For many centuries European Christians believed that men had one fewer rib than women because the Bible says that Eve was created from Adam’s rib. Nobody bothered to count because everyone assumed it was true. And when they finally counted, it was because everyone agreed on the result that the real truth became known. Even when we are alone, truth is interpersonal. We express these truths or errors or lies to others and to ourselves in language; and, as Wittgenstein pointed out, there can be no private language.

But the most essential truth, the truth by which we all live our lives, is intensely personal, private. We might call this ‘Truth’, with a capital T. Even though each of us lives our life by Truth, it can be different for each person. Shall I believe and obey the Torah, the New Testament, the Quran, the Bhagavad Gita, the Zend Avesta, the Dhammapada? Or none of the above: shall I find my own Truth in my own way?

We thus need a community of seekers with a commitment to meta-Truth, recognizing that personal Truths are to be respected, even though any Truth will differ from someone else’s. But even in such a community, some beliefs would be acceptable, and others not: my belief that I am exceptional and deserve preferential treatment, perhaps because I alone have received a special revelation, is not likely to be shared by others. From within the in-group we look with fear and revulsion on those who deny the accepted beliefs. From outside, we admire those who hold aloft the light of truth amidst the darkness of human ignorance. And in every case it is we who judge, not I alone. Even the most personal Truth is adjudicated within a community and depends on the esteem of others.

Robert Tables, Blanco, TX

“Well, it’s true for me,” says O’Reilly.  “See, I believe it.”
– Bill O’Reilly in > “Bill Maher Terrifies Bill O’Reilly…”

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1 Response to What Is Truth?

  1. Ronald Duncan says:

    So is ‘TRUTH’ based upon FACT(s)? or is it based upon what one chooses to BELIEVE?
    Ron Duncan


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