ArrowCreek Demographic Survey Right In Line With National Homebuyer Wish List

News and comment about golf development and construction all over the planet in the World Golf Report blog by Robert J. Vasilak

…interesting paragraph found in Vital Signs from April 24, 2015, that correlates with our own ArrowCreek Demographic Survey – (Look on page 8 of the ArrowCreek report):

Although some U.S. home builders continue to believe that golf courses can boost sales of residential real estate, others are having better luck with less expensive forms of open space, such as parks and community gardens. “Doing a golf course these days for a master-planned residential community is a disaster,” the CEO of a Texas-based development group told the Dallas Morning News. “It’s expensive to build them and expensive to maintain them. And [they’re] way down on the list of what people want to see in a community.” So what’s at the top of the wish list for today’s home buyers? Answer: Hiking trails.

. . . Hiking trails . . . Walking Paths . . . hmmmm.

From Robert’s on-line bio –
For the past 20 years or so, Robert J. Vasilak has provided development-related research services to many of the best-known golf companies on the planet. He’s been the managing editor of a Washington, DC-based business magazine, and he’s written for Esquire, the Washington Post, Golfweek, and other publications.

In 2008, he created the first (and still only) publication dedicated exclusively to international golf development, called the World Edition of the Golf Course Report.

Some of the material on his blog originally appeared in the World Edition, in a slightly different form. For more information about the World Edition, or to receive a free issue, send an e-mail at or call 301/680-9460. Vasilak also publishes the U. S. Golf Course Report, which reports on golf development and construction in the United States.

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