Analysis of Golf Course Closure Impacts on Home Sales Price Trends

Obviously some folks last night at the ACHOA Communications Committee Informational Meeting haven’t paid attention to this study; I repeat it here. Not that there is any chance that they would read it on their own but to make it easier for any of the AC411 readers to point it out as they see fit. There was no preconceived conclusion given as guidance to Mr. Bonnefant at the beginning of the study so the conclusions are his professional ones alone – based on his extensive expertise.


Brian Bonnenfant, Project Manager for the Center for Regional Studies, College of Business at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), was commissioned by The Concerned Neighbors of ArrowCreek (CNA) to do the Analysis of Golf Course Closure Impacts on Home Sales Price Trends study and report. It reviews property values of D’Andrea and Northgate prior to and post golf course closure. You are welcome to review it and draw your own conclusions; however, after the closing of the golf courses, property value trends follow economic trends with no difference noted between those properties adjacent to the golf course and those that are not.

Single‐family properties directly adjacent to the D’Andrea and Northgate golf course land were analyzed for property value trends before and after the closure of their respective golf courses to determine the impacts of the golf course closures on property values. The analysis is based on transactions that…

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