Dog School for Snake Avoidance

Are you interested in training your dog to stay away from snakes (or do you know someone who might be interested?) – instead of having a rattler bite your dog’s curious nose?? This $75/dog course is a whole lot cheaper than a vet bill for a loved pet to hopefully survive a snake bite!

I have more details from John at Get Rattled. The following days could be tentative class times. Depending on the number of dogs, it will be around a 3 or 4 hour session. If we get enough interested sign-ups, we will find a venue to hold it somewhere in Southwest Reno.

If you know of an organization that might sponsor this and provide a grassy class area, please show them or download for them this flyer and contact the ArrowCreek411 Webmaster at for further planning.

Previous post with original information:
Watch Out for the Snake in the Road!

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