Complaint Addition to 08-18-15 ACHOA BOD Agenda

The addition to the ACHOA Board of Directors’ Meeting Agenda was an omission of a complaint received. On the revised agenda (on the Associa website and here as well) the statement of the complaint is this:

“Complaint by homeowner alleging Board of Directors has violated NRS 116.31085, and specifically alleging that Board of Directors has conducted ACHOA business via e-mail, has made secret business decisions that affect this community after private discussions between themselves and others, and has authorized expenditures and actions between Board meetings, although those matters did not constitute emergencies and were not otherwise statutorily authorized for discussion or decision in secret executive session.”

Here is the full complaint and the attachments:
Notice to BOD re: Vio31085_080315
Exhibit A – NRS116.31085
Exhibit B LetterofInstruction-noHOAemails

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2 Responses to Complaint Addition to 08-18-15 ACHOA BOD Agenda

  1. Robert Smith says:

    It would be nice if you included copies of the emails in question, specifics on business decisions made, an a listing of expenditures resulting from private discussions between the BOD members and others.

    Regards, Bob Smith


    • Ronald Duncan says:

      The complaint isn’t focused on expenses and provides sufficient detail to take to the Common Interest Community Commission (CICC) should the ACHOA Board and its committees not cease the ‘out of Board’ practices that skirt community review of their actions. The fact is that until CNA found out about the ACCC (ArrowCreek Club Committee) meeting, conducted at the new Maintenance facility, all of its meetings were clandestine. Suddenly there are no ‘public’ meetings being held. Additionally, as the complaint states, a member of the ACHOA Board stated in a meeting that business of the Board is conducted via E-mail since they only meet every other month and things need to be decided. Obviously, one solution would be more frequent meetings with open Board discussion instead of just hearing from the committee chairs. By-the way, are you aware that agenda items for the meeting on 18 August were placed as topics prior to the specific committee having met? Do we have a psychic on our ACHOA Board?
      This complaint is about the ACHOA Board and our committees violating the open meeting requirements of the NRS. If you’d like to see some examples of E-mails look at Attachment 1 and Attachment 2 – both are from this Proper Governance of ArrowCreek At Stake: Secret Shenanigans blogpost.
      Ron Duncan


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