Open Letter to ArrowCreek Board and Golfing Community

By Peter Linstroth

Last time I checked, ArrowCreek is not the private playground nor the property of the golfing community. It belongs to all of the residents of ArrowCreek. If we happen to disagree with you, we all will have to agree to disagree. To hear people say, ’If you do not like it, move and get out” is very narcissistic.

To all of the golf members of ArrowCreek, I do not begrudge you from enjoying your activity and enjoyment of the ArrowCreek golf course and club.

Please do not begrudge me for not wanting to fund and support your activity.

To all of the investors of FOA, I wish you all the success with your investment.

Please do not begrudge me for not wanting to be an unwilling investor in your project.

  • Also, to you investors: Are you receiving a 10% return on your investment or are you receiving a 10% return of your investment? One letter makes a big difference.

I purchased my home in ArrowCreek to be near my daughter and her family. The golf course and club did not enter into my decision.

Supply and Demand

Currently golf participation is down over 40% and continues to decline. Basically this means the demand is lower and the supply of golf courses continues to remain the same. I drive by them and the courses have very few people playing.

If the current club cannot sustain itself on the current dues structure and lack of initiation fee, then the dues will need to increase and perhaps impose an initiation fee so the club can remain solvent.

If this is not possible because the club will not attract new members and keep existing members, it is not the responsibility of the ArrowCreek homeowners to subsidize the club.

It is also not the responsibility of the ArrowCreek homeowners to subsidize the FOA investment.

The defenders of the home owners’ subsidization will say home values will decrease without a functioning club. There has been a plethora of data and studies presented to contradict this opinion.

Home values are subject to economic conditions as was seen in the recession of 2008.

Home values are also subject to the uncertainty of a potential increase of over $80.00 per month for the Association dues. This potential increase must be disclosed to potential buyers and there is adequate proof buyers are shying away from the area. Potential buyers are interested in the community, not the golf course.


We seem to have a society of entitlement. Is socialism and entitlement alive and well in ArrowCreek?

Are members and investors entitled to their activity and a return on their investment, let alone a rate of return of their investment? If that is the case, please reimburse me for the money lost in the stock market these past few weeks.

Peter Linstroth

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3 Responses to Open Letter to ArrowCreek Board and Golfing Community

  1. Somersett Resident says:

    Most residents are not completely informed on HOA business and rely on their BOD to do the right thing. Therefore, a HOA Board stacked in favor of any special interest (i.e., the Golf Club) is a dangerous proposition. In Somersett we went through a similar issue regarding Golf Club subsidies, wherein the BOD stifled opposition statements (in violation of NRS Statutes), presented completely biased opinions (not fair and balanced) and passed CC&R amendments wherein most did not appreciate its impact; all to the financial benefit of the private Somersett Golf Club and at the expense of homeowners. Beware of any HOA Special Meeting on Golf Club issues, it will be stacked by Golf Club members who will attempt to vilify those expressing opposing viewpoints.


  2. Bill Edwards says:

    Well said Peter. The FOA needs to do a little local market research on the need for a golf club, and what type of golf club.l I live on a 9 hole 3000 yard course in Portland. It is open to public yet located and owned by retirement community. It does very well. Because it is only 9 holes and you can play a round and it doesn’t take the whole day to do so. The Arrow Creek resident should not be held responsible and have to rescue a group of people who made a poor decision.


  3. scott mariani says:

    Well said Peter, I feel that the majority of the homeowners in Arrowcreek feel the same as you. They are disgusted by the tactics of the FOA and the stacked HOA Board. The more you know about it the more unpalatable it becomes. As you stated, we also bought up here for the neighborhood NOT the golf course/club. My family wishes the golfers all the good fortune they deserve. We however don’t want to support the course or the club financially in the least. We would not invest in a golf course even if it was in our own backyard, wait it is, see we mean it. As a community we need to keep this subject on the lips of ALL our community. The big lie is that there is no current “Plan”. This lie is meant to lull the community into dormancy while the club and the HOA board work the backroom deal, slowly and methodology, changing bylaws and CCR’s so that the magical vote will fall into their waiting hands. It is as ugly as it gets and if we don’t keep this situation on the communities radar the evil doers will succeed. I for one would stress a NO VOTE on any bylaw and CCR changes. Watch for the tactic of tying something real good for the community in with a pork item which benefits a marriage between the club and HOA. Thanks again Peter for keeping this sour ball in the limelight with your realistic and common sense thoughts. Scott


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