ACHOA Sept-Oct 2015 Newsletter Now Available

The ACHOA Sept-Oct 2015 Newletter has just been circulated via e-mail and on the AttowCreek HOA website. It is also here on AC411 on the right hand side under ArrowCreek Links – click on Newsletters.

The ArrowCreek HOA Newsletter contains important information for all residents. The newsletter is only sent to Owners of the community. If you rent out or lease out your property, please be sure to share the newsletter with your tenants. Additional hard copies are available at the Residents Club. The newsletter is posted on the AC HOA website under Our Community under Newsletter. You must have a login to see the newsletter there. Of course, because tenants have no HOA account number, tenants can’t get to the information there.

Please Sign Up for ArrowCreek HOA Email Distribution (if you haven’t already done so)!

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3 Responses to ACHOA Sept-Oct 2015 Newsletter Now Available

  1. ArrowCreek Homeowner says:

    Yes thats right, Mr. Fox is leaving out the reason the reason the Golf Club was doomed to fail. These so called friends of ArrowCreek (FOA) are responsible for the former golf club owner Charlie Lieder to file for bankruptcy last year. Since they were equity members they had a strangle hold on how he could operate his golf club. He could only have one course be open to the public and the public was not allowed to use the bar or restaurant. They had to have their lunch or drink in a tent outside. This also applied to us ArrowCreek homeowners that din’t belong to the club. Who would play golf at ArrowCreek when you were treated like that! Unlike Mr. Fox, we are original owners and have owned our ArrowCreek home since 2000, so we have seen how the (FOA) aka litigants have taken over the HOA Board. Before these elitist people moved in, us ArrowCreek homeowners could use the Golf Club Restaurant or play golf even though we were not golf club members. The developer made a big mistake when he sold equity memberships to these elitist people and they are solely responsible for this dilemma we have today with the golf club. The Golf Club says it has approximately 500 members or so and is doing well. However they fail to tell you that a majority of these members pay only $250.00 per month. That membership is only good for one year and will be going up to $500 to $600 next year. I doubt that alot of these members will renew at the new rate.


  2. Ronald Duncan says:

    In responding to the current ACHOA Newsletter, it is best to separate the “President’s Message” from the body of information as it deserves its own response.
    It’s interesting to note that the Association’s Budget Committee is “planning an information meeting,” since that wasn’t a topic at the Communications Committee meeting on 8 September. In fact, there currently aren’t any Informational meetings scheduled and the sub-committee chartered with defining them wasn’t asked to even consider such a topic.
    It’s also nice to see a reasonable set of information from the Security Department. However, the description of the stop sign incident is woefully lacking any detail that even a rooky reporter would include. Certainly it wasn’t caused by weather as we’ve had lots of nice sunny days with no fog. In addition to the stop sign, what ever happened to the School Bus Stop warning sign? Did it meet the same fate as the stop sign? Was the accident from an owner? a construction worker? or a guest? Inquiring minds would like to know and would also like to know what measures have been taken to prevent such accidents in the future in a 25 mph zone.
    Then after some nice advertisements, we get to the CC&R and By-Law change discussion (Don’t worry 411 will also have the proposed changes for review and comment). So, the summary of the By-Law changes is most fascinating. It states that our ACHOA is governed by Chapter 116 of the NRS (Nevada Revised Statutes). Well, that’s partly true. We are actually governed by NRS 82 and 116, thanks to the developers foresight, and as they say, the ‘devil will be in the details.’ By-the-way, to get these changes approved it takes a vote of 50%+1 of ALL lot owners, not just a simple 50%+1 of those who turn in their ballot. However, the one thing cited should warm the heart of D. Smaltz as the ACHOA Governing Documents Committee recognizes the First Amendment to the By-Laws from 1997 which stipulates the ACHOA shall use Roberts Rules of Order to conduct its meetings. Unfortunately, the ACHOA Board does not recognize this amendment and continues to use its own rules.
    Fuels Management and Fire Safety Committee appears to be another of our committees that operates without community input. In fact, you can look at the official calendar and you won’t find a time and place for these discussions, even though they affect each of us.
    Well, that’s quite enough on the newsletter. We’ll have the rebuttal to the President’s message soon.
    Ron Duncan


  3. Get all the facts straight says:

    Interesting news letter. Mr. Fox neglected to mention some FOA members filed suit in 2007 to stop the takeover of the golf course and preserve the huge fees they paid to be “equity Partners”.


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