Chairman of Friends of ArrowCreek Member Managers Sends Letter

Pestello Letter:

To The Club at ArrowCreek Members:

Most importantly, we want to thank you for your membership and support of The Club at ArrowCreek. You are the ones making the Club a success and your continued support will guarantee a bright future. We want you to know that we are committed to maintaining the Club as a fine private club with very active social and golf events for your enjoyment.

We would also like you to know that the Friends of ArrowCreek (FOA) and the ArrowCreek Home Owners Association (ACHOA) have reached an agreement in principle. In general, the arrangement is for the FOA to sell the acreage that comprises the 36 golf holes to the ACHOA and lease them back. We will retain the remaining acreage where the clubhouse, putting & chipping greens, driving range, maintenance area, and pump house are located, as well as some ancillary land adjacent to these areas.

Once the details of the agreement are documented, the contemplated transaction will be subject to an approval vote by both the FOA investors and all ArrowCreek lot owners. We believe the agreement will be beneficial for our property values, the health of our community, and the Club. This has always been our goal – to protect the integrity of our investments in our homes and community. We believe the Club is an integral partner in achieving this goal.

As we work with the ACHOA to provide information for the residents to con-sider, there will most likely continue to be rumors and misinformation distributed by people that do not have or who misrepresent the facts; many who are anonymous. Please disregard these misrepresentations and rely on the facts from those of us who have the first-hand knowledge of the agreement; the members of the FOA and ACHOA.

In the weeks ahead we will be following up with more information and the ACHOA will be holding town hall meetings to ensure factual communications are provided prior to voting.
Again let me state, we are and will remain a very active social and golf club, fully committed to our members and our community.

Thank you again for your membership and support,

Gary W. Pestello

Chairman, Friends of ArrowCreek Member Managers

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6 Responses to Chairman of Friends of ArrowCreek Member Managers Sends Letter

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  2. Ronald Duncan says:

    Facts and the perception of ‘facts’ and truth appear to be dependent upon a belief system.
    Believing that property values will be crippled by the abandonment of a golf course, when you heard that realtors would sell ArrowCreek homes regardless of the presence of a golf course or not, should have convinced the audience that that belief was not a reality. The article released to club members, holds no facts or ‘truth.’ In fact, just like the belief just cited, there isn’t a shred of fact or truth presented. It merely appears to be a letter asking the members to ‘trust us, we’ll lead you to the promised land.’ What does that ‘promised land’ look like? From the proposal presented by Mr. Kenny, it appears that the ACCC/ACHOA Board, one in the same for all intents and purposes, that the promised land is INCREASED Fees and Taxes for the near and far term. with absolutely NO material benefit to those paying the fees and taxes, unless they join the ‘Private Club’ and they will still pay the fees and taxes unless they are non-residents. Now those items are known, traceable and identifiable facts not presented or discussed in the letter. So, let’s get ALL of the ‘facts’ on the table or is that too much to ask?
    As for anonymity, the ghosts that continue to be raised by the proponents of this proposal seem to be pretty faceless. That actually scares some people into not wanting to be identified for fear of a ghostly visit. This phenomena is very similar to the FOA, Friends Of ArrowCreek, who wish not to be identified. The difference is that some want to be heard while others are fearful of the limelight and the possibility of endangering relationships.
    Truth and facts are coming out onto the table and that cannot be stopped or turned off. The amount paid for the assets of the ArrowCreek Golf Club’s 525 acres and related buildings is a known fact. The amount proposed by the ACCC/ACHOA Board is also a known fact. However, the two amounts have a large discrepancy and that is becoming a known fact. So, perhaps, the next communique could address those facts and the discrepancy as well as the ‘potential’ future issues with fire mitigation, soil testing and the concept of ‘dormancy’ that the ArrowCreek PROPERTY OWNERS are being asked to take on to preserve ‘The Club.’
    Ron Duncan


  3. Wayne says:

    You gotta love Mr. Pestello’s warning: “rely on the facts from those of us who have the first-hand knowledge of the agreement; the members of the FOA and ACHOA.”

    But the HOA’s 4 man negotiating team and his FOA team are hiding behind a non disclosure agreement. So when will they divulge facts? Mr. Kenny concluded his presentation of the proposal by telling us it’s up to us to decide if we agree with what he said. What? He reports; we need to decide if we’re hearing facts or opinion? The Communication Committee prides itself on being objective & presenting facts to us. But we hear scare tactics (property values will plummet, the GC will catch fire; we can be held accountable for its fire mitigation) not facts.

    Mr. Albright, I believe, is an FOA investor. If so, he has a vested interest in any FOA business transaction, and should recuse himself from any further participation on that committee. In fact, any member of that committee who is an FOA investor, is related to one, or who believes it’s in the best interest of this proposal to be be approved, should recuse him/herself. They can’t disseminate OBJECTIVE information to the vast majority of owners if they support subsidizing The Club.

    From the very beginning, some folks on the Board and its committees developed an agenda to acquire the land. A misplaced vision to control our destiny. Everything communicated to us since then has been designed to advance that agenda. While we can thank 2 members of the ACCC and 3 Board members for pushing back, we need to get more of our neighbors involved.

    Please talk to one neighbor this week. Ask him/her to attend meetings, voice concerns, be heard.


  4. Kerry McKinney says:

    What is the “principle” in the “agreement in principle”? It appears to be more of an agreement in “principal” as in the FOA gets its principal back and retains ownership of the clubhouse. That deal does not have my agreement.


  5. Craig Swanson says:

    Who really are the Friends of ArrowCreek? Or should I say the FACELESS of ArrowCreek?

    Hiding behind someone’s Skirts just doesn’t work for me! Please identify yourselves so some sort of professional and representative communication can truely take place with the majority of the Homeowners in ArrowCreek.

    Isn’t a FRIEND someone with a face that is personable and accountable for their actions? These SCAM tactics have got to cease and desist!

    On top of that the HOA Board is a rather Worthless Group who Cannot be trusted.. That comment, by myself, is fully factual as there has never been any type of transparent information and communication from this group of Scam Artists. I attend Board Meeting after Board Meeting and not one single question asked of he Board Members is ever answered.

    Craig Swanson


  6. George Nastor says:

    What kind of BS is this!!


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