Do You Have Investment $$ & A Yes Vote?

Are you looking for an investment opportunity? Are you a Yes vote?

Then, Click Here!


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2 Responses to Do You Have Investment $$ & A Yes Vote?

  1. Desperate says:

    The dirty 3 dozen are getting desperate. Now using the political lobbyist (Pestello) to buy votes.
    We pay, they play, they go BK. NO! NO!! NO!!!


  2. Wayne says:

    Let’s see if I understand this correctly. Mr. Pestello and his fellow investors seem quite willing to accept a bailout from the vast majority of owners who are steadfastly against subsidizing The Club.

    But as back up, they are offering Club members an opportunity to invest in the FOA. I suspect that folks, who gladly ponied up $240 a month for unlimited golf, might balk at forking over $10K or more to invest in a no growth business.

    So, if Club members won’t put their own money where their mouths are, is it a bit disingenuous of them to expect the majority of owners to subsidize their expensive game?


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