West Reno Developments


sTETSON2Lots of action on the West Side of town right now.

Boomtown Industrial – the proposed 885,000 SF Industrial / Manufacturing building just north of Cabela’s has been approved by the Planning Commission.  The length of a small airfield, Dermody properties will purchase and develop the project after all entitlements are in place.  Dermody are good people, which is some consolation.

Meridian 120 – Meridian 120 is the residential portion of the Boomtown project west of the industrial property.  It has been submitted a Special Use Permit and some minor annexations, and is projected to be 273 single family units.

West Meadow Estates – West Meadows has also submitted their SUP for 324 single family units.  Like Meridian, the project is likely be be sold a Lennar type after entitlements are in place.

Park Place – Park Place is a 44 unit apartment project off Robb adjacent to the new…

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