Today Bob Kirtley Announced That He is Also a Candidate for the ACHOA Board

Today ArrowCreek411 received a announcement from Bob Kirtley, a resident in good standing, that he is a candidate for the ACHOA Board of Directors. Mr. Kirtley has an extensive knowledge of finance and budgeting for large corporations. His wealth of experience in financial analysis would definitely enhance the ACHOA team’s expertise.

His decision to run for this office was prompted by the perception that a new degree of openness, integrity, and financial planning was needed to move the community forward and to maintain low HOA monthly dues.

We expect to hear more from Bob in the coming days.


I Need and Want your VOTE
To change the direction of

Bob Kirtley

I’m Bob Kirtley
and I Stand For and Behind:

    • High Integrity Board and Committee Members who represent the interests of the homeowners
    • Transparency in all matters and Full Disclosure of Significant Negotiations
    • Maintaining low ACHOA fees
    • Maintaining and IMPROVING our ACHOA amenities
    • Open and Announced Committee meetings as allowed by NRS allowing greater participation by Homeowners

    This ad is consistent with the guidelines of NRS 116.31034 and is sponsored by Bob Kirtley

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